New Versions of VCL Data Access Components with Lazarus 0.9.30 and Free Pascal 2.4.2 Support!

Apr 29, 2011

Devart Team is glad to present a new version of our DAC products with support for the latest release versions of Lazarus and Free Pascal, Starter Edition of Delphi XE and C++Builder XE, and many other improvements.

SDAC functionality was extended with Table-Valued Parameters support, and now you can use table-valued parameters to send multiple rows of data to a Transact-SQL statement or a routine, such as a stored procedure or function, without creating a temporary table or many parameters. SDAC 5.10 also includes SQL Server FILESTREAM support that allows you to use streaming access to the data in your applications. SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 is now supported.

Direct mode now supports Oracle 9, Oracle 10, and Oracle 11 strengthened authentication in ODAC and UniDAC. Now the strengthened password hashing algorithms, which meet the requirements of industry standards, are used for authentication in the direct mode. New authentication algorithms allow using case sensitive login and password, and Unicode for login and password in the Direct mode.

In the PgDAC the extended notification with Payload parameter and the Application Name connection parameter is now supported. The application name will be displayed in the pg_stat_activity view and included in CSV log entries.

UniDAC components were greatly improved. A separate DBF provider was added to simplify opening such databases and provide support for specific features of this database. Also User-defined functions for SQLite provider are now supported.

You can try the new versions of DACs here:

If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it in our forums or by e-mail. There is also feedback form in the support zone of every product. We are always glad to hear your comments and take into account your development needs.