Flexible Table Data Diff Analysis with dbForge Data Compare for Oracle v3.0

June 23, 2011

Devart Team is glad to announce the release of dbForge Data Compare v3.0 - an outstanding tool for data comparison and synchronization.

The new version of the product includes a number of improvements among which the most marked ones are data comparison report redesign suggested by our users and ability to compare results of custom queries. Among other important improvements we can single out support for Oracle XE 11 R2.

Main New Features Highlights

Below is a complete list of new possibilities and features available in dbForge Data Compare for Oracle v3.0.

  • New extended data comparison reports

    • Possibility to analyze comparison results in the offline-mode due to export of real data into the report.
    • New Comparison Report wizard is added.
    • Possibility to include only columns containing differences for the rows that contain differences into comparison report.
    • Possibility to include the number of changes for each column into the comparison report.
  • Custom query result comparison

    If you don't need to compare all data in your database, but need some customized comparison (for example, you need to see what has changed in your database over some period of time), you can compare the results of specific queries. For this, use the custom query result comparison feature available in the new version of the product.

  • More flexible comparison settings

    • "One-to-many" objects mapping can be used when some columns in the target database were separated as a table.
    • Possibility to include objects into comparison by mask. It is useful when you need to compare groups of tables.
  • Improved analysis of comparison results

    • Full-text data search
    • Possibility to hide unchanged columns in the result data grid.
    • The number of differences per column is now displayed on the status bar.
  • Improved data synchronization

    • Ability to omit schema name in the generated script file is added. It is required for better script portability.
    • Ability to restore session parameters in synchronization script is added.
  • Other improvements

    • Extended command line examples are added.
    • User interface skins support is added.
    • Start page is redesigned.


Consumers can give the updated dbForge Data Compare for Oracle a test drive by downloading the free Express edition or 30-day trial Standard edition at the product download page. dbForge Data Compare for Oracle license price starts at $149.95.

To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge Data Compare for Oracle feedback page. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions.