dbForge Studio for Oracle 3.1 with Improved PL/SQL Coding, Data Editing, and Higher Performance is Here!

December 6, 2011

Devart is glad to release the new improved version of dbForge Studio for Oracle, v 3.1.

We've analyzed user feedbacks received after the release of the completely redesigned dbForge Studio and defined prior points for further development of the product.

As a result we've devoted the new release of dbForge Studio for Oracle to improving the possibilities for users who work with PL/SQL code and data. And in addition we've improved the application performance and added support for Win-x64 platform.

New Features

  • 150 improvements in the code autocompletion system

    We've made nearly 150 changes and improvements in the dbForge Studio for Oracle component that helps users edit PL/SQL code. Among them:

    • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL syntax support is expanded
    • Work of quick info hints for schema objects is improved
    • Keywords case is changed automatically on typing (if the corresponding options are set)
    • Usability shortcomings and errors are fixed
  • SQL document works with additional PL/SQL file types:

    • Support for editing .pls, .plb, .pks, .pkb, .pck Oracle PL/SQL files is added
    • Support for editing files with PL/SQL code created in some competitor products is added
  • Data export to SQL statements

    • Possibility to export data to INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE statements is added
    • Data can be exported from a table or data grid using a wizard
    • Quick export from data grid without opening wizard
  • Convenient work with result sets of several SELECT queries

    If there is more than one SELECT statement in a document, after execution query results will be displayed on separate tabs in the Data window.

    Such approach allows working with each data set independently.

  • Editing data of object fields

    The new product version provides possibility to edit data in object fields in tables using a pop-up editor.

  • Support for editing temporary tables

    There is a capability to create and edit temporary tables in Table Editor.

  • Document Outline window for code navigation is improved

    • Grouping nodes by IF, FOR, etc. flow-control statements blocks is added
    • Displaying labels and navigation among them is added
  • More convenient working with query execution plan

    • Quick query plan obtaining (without turning the Profiling mode on) is added
    • Displaying of the EXPLAIN PLAN results without creating an additional table in the user's scheme is added
  • Performance improvements

    • Time required on application startup and connection opening is reduced
    • Building of the Database Explorer tree, refreshing it, and receiving table list is quicker now
    • Getting metadata for code completion becomes faster
    • Work of Schema Export with large amount of objects and data is improved
    • Data Editor working speed is increased
    • Object Viewer and Property Browser windows working speed is increased
    • Navigation to schema object editors from code is improved
  • Win-x64 Native Support

    Now the application does not require 32-bit Oracle client software installed when working with 64-bit Windows operating system - the application works with 64-bit Oracle client software.


Consumers can give the updated dbForge Studio for Oracle a test drive by downloading the free Express edition or the 30-day trial Professional edition at the product download page. dbForge Studio license price starts at $149.95.

To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge Studio for Oracle feedback page. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions.