Schema Comparison Tool for Oracle that Really Works

February 24, 2011

Devart today extends its widely-popular and highly appreciated line of database comparison products with dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle, a powerful schema compare tool that provides an easy way to compare and synchronize structures of Oracle databases.

With this new tool, Devart offers a foremost approach to database comparison, distinguished by smart graphical design and high-end performance that bring truly incomparable experiences.

Delivering advanced innovation and technological achievements, dbForge Schema Compare is definitely a long-expected finding for members of Oracle community, and guarantees to become a significant contribution for development of Oracle databases.

High Performance without Damaging the Result

Devart equips its new tool with powerful mechanism of comparing Oracle databases that enables developers and DBAs compare and synchronize their databases in several minutes. The power of dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle is dedicated to meet the requirements of modern database development: multiple changes in complex database structures, lack of time and visibility, errors during updating, etc. As compared with a handful of database comparison tools available nowadays, dbForge Schema Compare completes comparison two to five times faster and remains stable and robust.

Comparing Large Databases, Complex Structures

Joining innovations with extensive expertise in developing database tools, Devart delivers a robust as well as powerful tool, skillful to compare and synchronize any modern Oracle databases. With dbForge Schema Compare, users can quickly and visually compare any databases with complex structures, including enterprise-level databases with a large number of objects and complicated dependencies among them. The tool shows compared objects in a compact graphical interface, easy to analyze and manage the results.

Extended List of Database Objects

The debut release is able to compare a wide list of objects. They include the following: tables, views, packages, procedures, functions, triggers, array, object and table types, sequences, materialized views, materialized view logs, synonyms, database links, xml schemas.

Schema Compare guarantees not just support of objects, but their correct comparison and synchronization. This ensures that whatever objects exist in compared databases, the result will be accurate and quick.

Devart will deliver not only improved database comparison, but better satisfaction and efficiency for database developers through visual and highly-customizable Schema Compare for Oracle. In the near future Devart hopes to integrate the newcomer dbForge Schema Compare with dbForge Data Compare to present the breakthrough alliance and optimize the work of developers of Oracle database even more.

Download a 30-day trial of dbForge Schema Compare, and check the benefits yourself.

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