More Features, More Productive Developers with dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle

June 02, 2011

Devart Team is proud to announce the release of dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle 2.0.

While the first version of the product was being launched, we were already working on its next release, because it was quite clear that dbForge Schema Compare 1.0 is just a good starting point. We did not even manage to implement all the functionality that was on our roadmap, to say nothing of our users' suggestions and wishes.

Our main purpose was and still is to give Oracle developers and DBAs a tool that would maximize their productivity, reduce application lifecycle costs, and decrease application downtime caused by upgrades.

So, the version 2.0 is out now, and all its capabilities combined with your potential will make you an honourable Oracle specialist!

Main New Features Highlights

Below is a short overview of the new product functionality.

  • Schema snapshots and version control integration

    The new version allows you to create schema snapshots, that are frequently used for audit and roll-back purposes, and automatically commit them to version control system, compare previous versions of schema with the current one (source control integration).

    This functionality is extremely useful, as it provides a simple approach to significantly reduce time and effort needed for analyzing changes available in different database versions.

  • Command line support

    Use command line to automate routine synchronizations. Now such tasks can be accomplished in the automatic unattended mode. This functionality allows one to use our tool for setting up continuous integration.

  • Comparison and synchronization of wrapped and unwrapped objects

    With the help of this functionality, you can compare wrapped and unwrapped PL/SQL objects. This will allow you to detect changes in the production database, where objects are wrapped.

  • Extended support of schema objects

    The new version supports clusters, object permissions, and java-source objects (for Professional Edition only).

Other improvements

  • Support for Oracle 11 R2 Express Edition
  • PURGE RECYCLEBIN option in Synchronization Wizard is added
  • Possibility to ignore comments in the text-comparer control is added
  • Start page is improved
  • Four state-of-the-art skins are added
  • Possibility to open connections in New Schema Comparison Wizard asynchronously is added
  • The SYSDBA role is chosen automatically when the sys name is typed in the Database Connection Properties dialog box


Consumers can give the updated dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle a test drive by downloading the 30-day trial Professional edition at the product download page. dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle license price starts at $149.95.

To leave feedback, users can go to the dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle feedback page. The Devart team is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions.