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New Versions of Delphi Data Access Components with Data Type Mapping and Data Encryption support.

June 21, 2012

Dear users, Devart Team is glad to present new version of Delphi Data Access Components with support for three new solutions:

Data Type Mapping is a powerful solution, which allows to define custom data type mapping for database field types. You are no longer limited by representation of database field types by the same predefined field type, now you can decide which Delphi field type will correspond to a database field type. This will allow to significantly simplify and accelerate the development of applications, because you will be able to choose those Delphi field types, which as much as possible correspond to the data stored in your database. If you use UniDAC to work with multiple databases, this technology will allow you to easily customize field types mapping so that fields in different databases always correspond to the same persistent fields in your application.

Data Encryption is a secure solution, which allows you to encrypt data in a client application, using the most known and strong algorithms, such as: AES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Cast128, RC4. Since data is encrypted before sending to a server, and decrypted after retrieving it from the server, the data sniffing and substitution at transferring it via a network, comes impossible, that significantly increases the degree of protection of data.

ODAC Integration with dbForge Studio for Oracle opens new opportunities for applications development using ODAC and dbForge Studio for Oracle at the same time. Now you can use all the power and convenience of dbForge Studio for Oracle to configure your connections, for work with database, data editing, requests creating, etc. Since ODAC and dbForge Studio for Oracle now work as a single development environment, then all that you do in dbForge Studio for Oracle can be easily used in ODAC and Vice versa, that will allow you to considerably simplify and, that is the main thing, accelerate development of your applications.

You can try the new versions here:

[ Download ] [ History ]
[ Download ] [ History ]
[ Download ] [ History ]
[ Download ] [ History ]
[ Download ] [ History ]
[ Download ] [ History ]

If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it on our forums or by e-mail. There is also feedback form in the support zone of every product. We are always glad to have your comments and take into account your development needs.