dbForge Fusion for Oracle

First Release of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server

November 27, 2013

We proudly announce the first release of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server, v.1.0 — a powerful add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. This plugin will significantly increase the productivity of SQL Server development process and also allow you to implement various tasks related to database management and administration.

The key features of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server include the following:


One installation file is served for installing the add-in into Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. You need only to check the required IDE during installation.

SQL Coding Assistance

  • Automatic code completion
  • Smart filtering of the suggestion list based on user input
  • Code snippets
  • Quick information on schema objects
  • Document outline for navigation

T-SQL Debugger

A must-have tool for building server-side logic. Being integrated into the stored procedure editor it allows to start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree.

SQL Query Profiler

Allows you to locate bottlenecks and optimize slow query execution time with many advanced options unavailable in a standard tool.

Flat Table Editor

  • Set table properties in the visual editors
  • Edit a script that creates the table
  • Rebuild tables when complex changes are introduced
  • Preview changes before modifying a database object

SQL Change Management

  • Synchronize table data between servers
  • Analyze data differences and create report
  • Compare databases with different structure
  • Compare table data in SQL Server backups

Database Diagram

  • Visual editing, easy manipulation and scaling
  • Containers for grouping objects
  • Printing large diagrams
  • Virtual connections

Data Export/Import

Powerful tool for filling a database with external source data and migrating data between systems. It supports 10+ widely used data formats, a number of advanced options, templates for recurring scenarios.

Report and Analysis

Visual Data Report designer with support of chart plotting converts your data into a good-looking report. This tool also allows you to generate a report in 9 different formats.

Integration with Devart dotConnect for SQL Server

SQL code completion, advanced formatting and all other features of SQL Server administration and management tool are available for users of Devart dotConnect for SQL Server.


Learn more about the prices and available editions of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server at the purchase page.

Download the trial version of dbForge Fusion for SQL Server and evaluate the benefits of Professional edition features for free during a 30-day trial period.

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