Try Out Refactoring in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.6.0 Beta!

February 13, 2013

dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.6.0 Beta is available for download now. Try out the new features and provide your feedback.

New Features

  • Database refactoring

    You can rename database objects without thinking about consequences - the application will generate an update script and you'll only have to execute it to update links to the renamed object in the whole database.

  • Query builder with support of DML statements and usability improvements

    Working with queries was improved.

  • Improved code completion

    Code Completion feature now offers completely new possibilities. We used our huge experience in working with code completion in tools for SQL Server and Oracle to provide the same stunning ease of use and effectiveness for MySQL database.

  • Automated data report delivery

    This improvement allows you to deliver generated reports to the requested destination using one of available methods - e-mail, ftp, or shared folder.

  • Code Snippets Manager

    Code Templates feature was renamed to Code Snippets. New Snippets Manager allows adding new snippets and editing existing ones.

  • New window docking system

    You can perform different tasks on several monitors at once using one application instance.

  • Application appearance improved

    We follow Microsoft tendency to change application appearance. That's why you can enjoy new look of the application with Metropolis and VS2010 skins.

  • Data export to SQL statements
  • Improved database object editors
  • New features in the data comparison tool
  • Support of MySQL pluggable authentication when creating a connection to MySQL server
  • Support of Windows authentication when creating a connection to MySQL server

Get dbForge Studio for MySQL Beta at its download page.