New version of Entity Developer

Support for Oracle 12c and Sync Framework in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions!

October 17, 2013

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect ORM solution, and our ORM designer - Entity Developer. New versions of dotConnect data providers offer you Sync Framework support, support for Oracle 12c, improved PgSqlDump component, load balancing support in dotConnect for MySQL, and other features. Entity Developer and LinqConnect now support Oracle 12c.

Oracle 12c Support

dotConnect for Oracle and LinqConnect now support the latest Oracle version - Oracle 12c. Now you can use such its new features as implicitly returned result sets, new connection modes (SYSBACKUP, SYSDG, SYSKM), autoincrement Identity columns, Transaction Guard and more.

When working with Oracle 12c, the new Entity Developer 5.6 generates Identity columns instead of a sequence and a trigger for when generating a database script from a model with identity columns. Entity Developer also supports new Oracle 12c connection modes when creating a connection.

Sync Framework Support

dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL, dotConnect for PostgreSQL, dotConnect for SQLite, and dotConnect for DB2 now provide support for Sync Framework 2.1. They provide SyncProvider classes, classes for provisioning and deprovisioning, and SyncDescriptionBuilder classes. Now you can easily synchronize your databases using our dotConnect data providers.

Support for Load Balancing in MySQL

Now you can specify several hosts with their ports in the Host parameter of the connection string, and dotConnect for MySQL will switch host for each new SELECT or SHOW statement. The first host is considered the master server, and all statements, other than SELECT and SHOW, will be executed against it.

PgSqlDump Improvements

The PgSqlDump component now supports generating INSERT statements using the multirow VALUES syntax. You may specify the max size of the generated INSERT statement. Additionally, PgSqlDump now supports asynchronous backup and restore operations.

SQLite Online Backup API Support

Previously dotConnect for SQLite offered the SQLiteDump component for backing up a SQLite database to a DDL/DML script. Now you can use also SQLite Online Backup API for backing up a database with dotConnect for SQLite.

You can read more about new features in the new versions of our products in our blog article Oracle 12c Support and More New Features in New Versions of Devart Products.

If you need another feature in our providers, LinqConnect, or Entity Developer, visit our forum at UserVoice and vote for suggested features or suggest your own one.

If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it in our forums or with contact form. There is also a feedback form in the support zone of every product. We are always glad to hear your comments and take into account your development needs.