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Remarkable Convenience Wrapped in New Intuitive UI in Review Assistant 2.0

September 19, 2013

Devart is glad to announce the new release of the code review tool — Review Assistant 2.0. We have been receiving a lot of feedback since the last release, and working hard to improve our product. That is why Review Assistant 2.0 includes a lot of new features. The most important features are: the new UI, email notifications, and code reports.

New Features

New Code Review Board

  • New UI is more in line with the Visual Studio 2012 style.
  • Ambiguous controls for changing the review status removed.
  • Role-specific review statuses are shown in the reviews list.
  • New filter for recently closed reviews added.
  • The Code Review Board window has now a single scrollbar.

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Email Notifications

The new version enables developers to set up email notifications about events occurring when the review is in progress.

  • Notifications come from all review projects, not only from the active one.
  • Review links for browser-like navigation added. User can now open Visual Studio right from the email client.

Code Review Reports

Review Assistant 2.0 introduces the basic reporting feature. There are four built-in reports:

  • Reviewer Statistics – to assess reviewers' activity.
  • Author Statistics – allows to evaluate roughly the quality of code involved in a review process.
  • Users Status – for evaluating current review workload per developer.
  • Reviews Status – helps to find “stale” reviews.

Reports actions:

  • Filtering depending on the project or a time span.
  • Printing and exporting

Improved Commenting on Code

  • The bug fixing control process is improved. Comments are linked to a file revision.
  • Multiple-line comments are fully displayed.
  • Comment’s author name is fully visible in the collapsed comment view.
  • The number of replies is now visible in the comment header.
  • The comment status is displayed as a bright text label.
  • Unambiguous comment status changing.

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Improved Code Review Process

  • Reviewers can track their progress now.
  • Automatic display of latest unread changes in the file list.
  • Files for a review can be hand-picked from changesets.
  • Users can edit the revision range for a review now.
  • Simple review workflow is improved to avoid unwanted review auto-closing.

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Multiple Repositories in One Review Allowed

  • Authors can add code from more than one repository into a single review
  • SVN Externals, Git sub-modules, and Mercurial sub-repositories are supported

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Closer Integration with TFS

  • Related work items are displayed in Code Review Board when user adds changesets.
  • Review work item's code. Create a review for code associated with a work item in one click.
  • Review changesets from the Source Control History window.

Visual Studio 2013 Support

We have implemented the integration of Review Assistant with Visual Studio 2013.


The product prices start from $249.95. Learn more about the prices and available editions of the add-in at the Review Assistant purchase page.

Download the full-featured free version of Review Assistant, which includes a 30-day trial for unlimited users.

Visit our UserVoice forum to see what features will be implemented in the next release. Also, you can share your own ideas about new features you want to see in Review Assistant.