Code Compare, v.4.0

Perform Effective Code Reviews with Code Review Bundle

April 11, 2014

Starting from today, you have the great chance to equip your team with all necessary tools for the full-scale code review. We gladly announce the release of new Code Review Bundle.

The bundle consists of two essential tools that complement each other and allow developers to conduct the code review process on all development stages. These tools are Review Assistant — peer code review tool and Code Compare — file and folder comparison and merge tool.

Features of Code Review Bundle

Review Assistant leverages Visual Studio extension of Code Compare. The following features are available only when you use both tools.

  • Adding code review comments when comparing source file revisions.
  • Viewing added review comments from a file comparison document.
  • Highlighting of code regions with review comments.
  • In-place code review for external version control clients like TortoiseSVN.

Code Review Bundle Saves Your Money

Just take the advantage of saving money while purchasing the Code Review Bundle instead of buying individual tools.

For the example, if you have a team of 10 developers:

  • Purchased individually = $749.95
  • Bundle price = $599.95


For more information about product features and prices visit Code Review Bundle