Improved SQL Formatter in dbForge SQL Complete v.4.5

Improved SQL Formatter in dbForge SQL Complete v.4.5!

January 9, 2014

dbForge SQL Complete, v 4.5 contains a variety of features and improvements actualized by our qualified developers to make your SQL coding more intuitive and efficient!

New Features

Integration to Visual Studio 2013 is supported
SQL Complete features are now available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

New code formatter features

  • New Option: Add empty line after GO
  • New Option: Enclose identifiers within square brackets []
  • New Option: Add parentheses when inserting functions
  • New Option: Enable autoformat words while typing
  • New Option: Alias Text Case - As in declaration
  • Code formatter functionality is available even if SQL Complete is disabled
  • Do not format tag is implemented. Now it is possible to format a whole SQL document in the editor ignoring selected code fragments which you do not want to be formatted.

Refresh suggestions cache

  • Automatic suggestions cache refresh by specified time is added
  • New option: Refresh suggestions cache on detecting changes on a server

New code completion features

  • SET IDENTITY INSERT tables suggestion is added
  • XML variables suggestion in the FROM statement is added
  • Column suggestion in the VALUES statement is added
  • Object suggestion for linked servers on SQL Azure is added


  • New snippets are added
  • Objects describe performance is improved
  • Formatting CASE options are redesigned


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