Review Assistant

Perforce Support and Better Commenting in Review Assistant 2.1

January 13, 2014

Devart team is proud to announce the release of a new version of our peer code review tool — Review Assistant 2.1. We have always been working hard on improvement of our products to make them up-to-date, as well, as meeting your needs. New features include Perforce SCM integration, improved commenting on code and command line interface.

New Features

Perforce source control system integration

Now companies that use Perforce can benefit from using Review Assistant. Our code review tool provides support for integration with Perforce source code control system and allows you to:

  • Add change lists to a review from the GUI client.
  • View author's changes, that were made in a code comparison tool.
  • Add comments to a specific revision of a file.
  • Implement iterative review.

Adding comments to blocks of code

Review Assistant allows to add comments to a block of code. You can select either a word or a several code lines to add a comment. A block of code with a comment is highlighted with the orange border for more convenience.

Improvements related to comments in the code editor

  • Graphic markers of comments are added instead of the text lines.
  • The color of the marker defines a status of a comment.
  • A popup window with the information about a comment appears while clicking the marker.
  • The popup window contains commands that allow to change comments statuses.

Command line interface

We stick to the tradition of giving our users the priority of choosing new features. Our close interaction results in the improvements that are really required. One of the most voted-for features is the support of continuous integration platforms.

Command line client features:

  • Getting the information about users, projects and reviews.
  • Filtering the reviews list.
  • Retrieving data in the XML format.


The product prices start from $249.95. Learn more about the prices and available editions of the add-in at the Review Assistant purchase page.

Download the full-featured free version of Review Assistant, which includes a 30-day trial for unlimited users.

Visit our UserVoice forum to see what features will be implemented in the next release. Also, you can share your own ideas about new features you want to see in Review Assistant.