Online Data Loader for Salesforce

Free Cloud Solution for Importing Data to Salesforce!

January 17, 2014

Devart Team presents a Beta version of a new online service - Devart Data Loader for Salesforce for importing data from CSV files or relational databases to Salesforce cloud database.

Devart Data Loader allows you to import data from SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database tables and views, and from CSV files, either local or uploaded to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or Box. Start importing data to Salesforce now!

Devart Data Loader can perform complex import operations. It allows you to load several tables or CSV files, having foreign key relations between them, and automatically build the corresponding relations between the imported Salesforce objects.

Key Features

  • Supports loading unlimited numbers of records
  • No need to install any software - import data to Salesforce online
  • Import operations are defined visually in a convenient and user-friendly interface
  • Data Import can be performed from any device - PC, tablet, smartphone



Devart Data Loader service is available for free at