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Devart Tropical Quest

Devart Summer Discounts!

August 4, 2014

Here comes August, the last but not the least summer month. The soft summer sun continues to shine and melt prices of Devart products. Only in August, you can get 20% off all new licenses!

The Tropical Quest Starts Today — Welcome to the Jungle!

In addition to the discount event we want to announce the Devart Tropical Quest that will take place within LinkedIn.

Quest Rules:

  • You need to find a simple question about our products on our LinkedIn page. The question will appear twice a day: at 11AM and 8PM (UTC+2).
  • You will be expected to keep track of our recent updates on LinkedIn, find questions, add your answers in comments and share The Tropical Quest with your connections.
  • The first who will give the correct answer gets 5 points, the second-best gets 3 points.

Tip: go to the Devart website to look for the correct answer.

Every Monday during the month of August (except today), we will generate a ranking list of participants and their combined rankings based on the way their comments were rated.

The top 5 winners will get one of five licenses on their choice for FREE! The sixth and seventh-placed winners can qualify for a discount of 80% and 50% respectively!

We will contact every winner via their LinkedIn profile to let them choose the license they need, and to ensure it was delivered.

Are you ready to fight for FREE licenses and HUGE discounts? If so — welcome to our LinkedIn page!