Review Assistant v2.6

Create Printed Reports on Code Reviews with Review Assistant 2.7

April 21, 2015

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the new Review Assistant, v2.7, which includes our latest innovations and improvements. We have added a new feature that facilitates external compliance code review. You can now export code review into a printed document to share it with third parties.

Another important feature is the ability to see review comments inside the built-in Visual Studio diff tool.

New Features

Printed code review reports

For companies that conduct external compliance review such as PA-DSS.

  • The Review Assistant Reports window contains the new Code Review Details report:
    • The report includes all reviews conducted over a specified time period;
    • The report may be automatically divided into pages for printing;
    • You can save the report in the PDF format, as well as many other formats.
  • The Code Review Board menu contains a command for individual review export.

Review comments in Visual Studio built-in diff tool

Review Assistant provides full integration with the built-in Visual Studio diff tool. You do not need to have Code Compare installed to see review comments.

The 'Resume Review' action

A reviewer may renew the code review process independently of other review participants. This may be useful when the reviewer has completed the review process and after a while would like to change his opinion.

Smarter revision picking algorithm for a comparison

This algorithm is beneficial for users who conduct iterative code review with the help of Git or Mercurial. The new algorithm selects a file revision more accurately while reviewing changes. For the most part, this allows you to separate changes of other users that could be included into the file upon code merge or as a result of significant intervals between iterations of one review.

Other Improvements:

  • Group operations with a file list in a review;
  • Optimized file opening;
  • Faster operations with TFS;
  • Improved 'pre-commit code review' check-in policy for TFS projects behavior;
  • Reordered shortcut menu for a file to hide rarely used commands;
  • Hiding unmodified files for Mercurial's merge-commits.


Learn more about the prices and available bundles of the add-in at the Review Assistant purchase page.

Download the full-featured free version of Review Assistant, which includes a 30-day trial for unlimited users.

Visit our UserVoice forum to see what features will be implemented in the next release. Also, you can share your own ideas about new features you want to see in Review Assistant.