Skyvia 3.0 with cloud data backup and more

Skyvia 3.0 with Cloud Data Backup and Other Features!

February 10, 2015

Devart is glad to present the new 3.0 version of Skyvia — our online service for cloud data integration. The new Skyvia version offers cloud data backup and restore functionality, predefined mapping templates for data import and synchronization between cloud data sources, better replication package editor, and lots of other improvements.

Cloud Data Backup

The new Skyvia version allows you to backup Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, and SugarCRM data. Skyvia offers both automatic daily backup and anytime manual backup for cloud data.

Configuring and performing backup and restore operations is very easy. When restoring your data, you don't need to tinker with CSV files or any other applications - you need just to choose what data to restore and start the restore process. Skyvia does the rest for you. With Skyvia you can restore whole tables, separate records, or even separate fields if you need so. Additionally you can view and undo data changes between backups.

You can always access your backed up data. Skyvia allows viewing them directly in the browser or exporting them to CSV files.

Additionally Skyvia provides powerful monitoring of your backup and restore operations. Skyvia displays all your backup and restore operations with the numbers of totally backed up or restored records and the number of changes since the previous backup. If you need details, you can compare your backups and see which records were changed between them.

Predefined Mapping Templates

Skyvia 3.0 introduces predefined mapping templates for cloud data import and synchronization, which allow quick migration between different cloud data sources.

Now you can quickly add tasks with predefined mapping to import and synchronization packages that load data between cloud data sources. Instead of configuring tasks manually, you can simply select tasks from the predefined templates. This allows you to configure data import or synchronization between cloud data sources in less than a minute!

If you need, you can edit predefined tasks after adding them to your package.

Replication Improvements

Skyvia 3.0 allows much easier cloud data replication. There is no more need to create replication tasks for each replicated cloud object manually. Now you can just select the necessary objects in the list and start replication. If necessary, you still can fine-tune replication tasks with data filters and select fields to replicate.

Improvements of Integration Packages and Connections Pages

Now, when there are no integration packages or connections on the page, it displays links that allow quick creation of a package or connection of the type you need. Adding a new integration package or connection is also more convenient when there are packages or connections on the page.

Integration packages and connections can now be sorted on the page, and these settings are preserved when you leave Skyvia. You can also filter integration package list by the package type, source or target type, etc.

Lookup Mapping Support in Synchronization Packages

Now lookup mapping is not limited to import, you can also use it in synchronization packages.


Skyvia is available for free at