Updated TMetric - Time Tracking Web-App

Billable Rates for Projects - New TMetric Release

October 5, 2016

Great news! Meet a new version of our time-tracking application TMetric with many improvements and new features, among which the obviously strong ones are billable rates and cost rates! Here are seven most important new features TMetric has brought to you.

Feature Highlights

  • Billable rates & cost rates

    Assign billable rates to your projects to invoice clients, as well as cost rates to your employees.

  • Billing information in reports

    Get an overview of your incomes and expenses in the Project Summary and Team Summary reports.

  • Redesigned interface for new projects

    Set up currency, an invoice method, and rate for a project you are creating.

  • Time format selection

    Hours and minutes, decimal hours or clock-like - choose one for your reports.

  • Project manager has broader privileges

    A project manager can now change a project's name, avatar, client, add and delete team members, etc.

  • Total break time

    TMetric displays the total break time during your working day.

  • Time logging restriction

    A user that does not participate in a project cannot log time for this project.

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