dbForge Monitor

Analyse SQL Server Performance with dbForge Monitor

June, 2017

Devart team is glad to annnouce the realese of the brand new tool - dbForge Monitor.

Monitor is a FREE add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (MS SSMS) that allows you to track and improve SQL Server performance. The tool includes a bunch of metrics shwoing what is going on on the server in detail.With the comprehensive functionality, including Wait Statistics, Data IO, and Top Queries, you can easily detect and get rid of system slow-downs and bottlenecks.

Key features

  • Dashboard. Monitor SQL Server performance with a rich collection of metrics, includig CPU Utilization, Memory Utlization, Disc Activity, Read/Write Latencies, and much more!

  • Data Input/Output. View statistics of the read and write operations on the disc for each server user.

  • Wait Statistics. Identify the resources that slow down the server. The Wait Stats tab of the tool shows the list of waits encountered by execution threads.

  • Top Queries. Detect and optimize the most expensive queries that overload the system. The tool shows the query text and query profiling data that can help you to rewrite a query in the most efficient way.


Download dbForge Monitor for FREE.

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