Oracle Data Access Components


10.1.4 18-Jan-18

10.1.3 19-Sep-17

10.0.2 15-May-17

10.0.1 05-Apr-17

9.7.28 21-Nov-16

9.7.27 01-Nov-16

9.7.26 08-Sep-16

9.7.25 27-Jun-16

9.7.24 28-Apr-16

9.7.23 25-Apr-16

9.6.22 01-Feb-16

9.6.21 14-Dec-15

9.6.20 18-Sep-15

9.6.19 09-Sep-15

9.5.18 14-Jul-15

9.5.17 30-Jun-15

9.5.16 17-Jun-15

9.5.15 14-Apr-15

9.4.14 14-Jan-15

9.4.13 25-Nov-14

9.4.12 29-Sep-14

9.4.11 15-Sep-14

9.3.10 31-Jul-14

9.3.9 27-May-14

9.3.8 29-Apr-14

9.2.7 25-Feb-14

9.2.6 19-Feb-14

9.2.5 25-Dec-13

9.1.4 23-Sep-13

9.1.3 18-Sep-13

9.0.2 15-Jul-13

9.0.1 25-Apr-13

8.6.12 14-Feb-13

8.6.11 12-Dec-12

8.5.10 07-Nov-12

8.5.9 04-Sep-12

8.2.8 24-Jul-12

8.2.7 21-Jun-12

8.1.6 02-Apr-12

8.1.5 01-Mar-12

8.1.4 28-Dec-11

8.1.3 23-Nov-11

8.0.2 10-Oct-11

8.0.1 15-Sep-11 19-Jul-11 15-Jun-11 28-Apr-11 10-Mar-11 26-Jan-11 08-Dec-10 04-Nov-10 13-Sep-10 13-Aug-10 24-Jun-10 26-May-10 09-Apr-10 04-Mar-10 26-Jan-10 01-Dec-09 12-Nov-09 14-Oct-09 10-Sep-09 01-Sep-09 24-Jun-09 27-May-09 02-Apr-09 26-Feb-09 06-Jan-09 09-Dec-08 19-Nov-08 23-Oct-08 22-Sep-08 21-Aug-08 11-Jul-08 11-Jun-08 23-May-08 04-Apr-08 18-Feb-08 09-Jan-08 14-Nov-07 27-Sep-07 02-Aug-07 13-Jun-07 16-May-07 20-Apr-07 06-Apr-07 22-Mar-07

New functionality: Support for more Oracle server functionality: Extensions and improvements to existing functionality: Usability improvements: 16-Feb-07 12-Jan-06 05-Dec-06 31-Oct-06 29-Sep-06 28-Aug-06 07-Jul-06 31-May-06 18-May-06 12-May-06 13-Apr-06 07-Mar-06 26-Jan-06 16-Dec-05 08-Dec-05 24-Oct-05 07-Oct-05 02-Sep-05 02-Aug-05 05-Jul-05 31-May-05 29-Apr-05 29-Mar-05 25-Feb-05 24-Jan-05 24-Nov-04 27-Oct-04 20-Oct-04 10-Sep-04 26-Aug-04 21-Jul-04 30-Jun-04 26-May-04 29-Apr-04 09-Apr-04 12-Mar-04 05-Feb-04 30-Dec-03 24-Nov-03 31-Oct-03 08-Oct-03 02-Jul-03 05-Jun-03 05-May-03 03-Apr-03 25-Feb-03 30-Jan-03 04-Jan-03 25-Dec-02 01-Nov-02 17-Oct-02 08-Oct-02 30-Sep-02 11-Sep-02 09-Sep-02 03-Sep-02 21-Aug-02 09-Aug-02 30-Jul-02 18-Jul-02 27-May-02 18-May-02 30-Apr-02 22-Apr-02 08-Apr-02 21-Mar-02

14-Dec-01 New features in ODAC 3.50

12-Oct-01 New features in ODAC 3.30

20-Feb-01 New features in ODAC 3.00

11-Jul-00 New features in ODAC 2.50

30-Mar-00 New features in ODAC 2.20

10-Jan-00 New features in ODAC 2.10

14-Oct-99 New features in ODAC 2.00

26-May-99 New features in ODAC 1.85

01-Mar-99 New features in ODAC 1.70

22-Oct-98 New features in ODAC 1.50

17-May-98 New features in ODAC 1.20

1.00 05-Feb-98

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