ODBC Driver for Firebird

Installing on macOS - ODBC Driver for Firebird


ODBC Driver for Firebird works under control of an ODBC driver manager. ODBC driver manager is not distributed along with our driver and must be installed separately.

ODBC Driver for Firebird is compatible with iODBC driver manager.

In case when using other ODBC driver managers, ODBC Driver for Firebird will be installed, but it will require manual modification of configuration files of these managers.


  1. Download the PKG file from the Devart website.
  2. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions in the wizard.

    Installation Wizard Firebird

  3. After reading the license agreement, click Agree to proceed with the installation.

    License agreement

  4. In the License Information dialog box, you should select the license type and activate the product. If you have no activation key, you can select Trial and use the driver for evaluation purposes.
  5. If you have an activation key, select the Activation Key option. Copy the activation key from the registration email or your Customer Portal account and paste it into the Activation Key edit box.

    Driver activation

  6. If you have the activation key file, click the Load Activation Key button and browse to it.


  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click Install.
  9. Driver is installed successfully.

    Installation succeeded

To activate the driver, perform the steps described in the Product Activation article.

Test connection

After the driver is installed, DSN with the name DEVART_FIREBIRD is created. You can use it to test a connection with FIREBIRD server. For this, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the iODBC utility of the required bitness. Find the DEVART_FIREBIRD section and click the Configure button:

    iODBC utility

  2. In the appeared dialog, specify the required connection settings and click OK.


  3. Now click the Test button to establish a test connection to your data source.


Using Client Library with SIP enabled

When SIP is enabled on your machine, put the client library file in either of these directories and specify the path to the client library in the Client Library connection parameter.

If you place the client library in either of the following directories when SIP is enabled, the driver will not be able to access the library due to protection for these parts of the system by SIP.

If you would like to disable SIP on your system, follow the instructions. Read more about System Integrity Protection in macOS documentation.

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