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What's New in ODBC Driver for FreshBooks

This page lists the functionality added in each version of Devart ODBC Driver for FreshBooks. To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the ODBC Driver for FreshBooks revision history.

14-Jun-18 New features in ODBC Driver for FreshBooks 2.1

  • Possibility to return String Types as Ansi or Unicode is added
  • Compatibility with MS Access is improved
  • Compatibility with Tableau is improved
  • Compatibility with Omnis Studio is improved
  • Compatibility with Power Pivot is improved
  • Compatibility with DBeaver is improved

26-Feb-18 New features in ODBC Driver for FreshBooks 2.0

  • FreshBooks new version is supported
  • Connection Timeout option is added
  • Query Timeout option is added

26-Oct-16 New Features in ODBC Driver for FreshBooks 1.1

  • Compatibility with MS Visual Studio
  • Compatibility with MS FoxPro is improved
  • Compatibility with MapInfo is improved
  • Compatibility with Libre Office is improved
  • Compatibility with Qlik is improved
  • Compatibility with Delphi & C++Builder is improved
  • MS Access linked tables support is improved
  • Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is improved

08-Jul-16 New Features in ODBC Driver for FreshBooks 1.0

  • First release of ODBC Driver for FreshBooks
  • Windows 32-bit is supported
  • Windows 64-bit is supported