ODBC Driver for xBase

Connection Options

xBase Connection Options

The following table describes the options that you can include in the connection string for xBase:

Option Description


Used to specify the folder in which the database files are located.

DBF Format

Used to specify the default database format that will be used when creating new tables and working with indexes. Available values: dBaseIII, dBaseIV, dBaseV, dBaseVII, FoxPro2, VisualFoxPro and HiPerSix. Default value is dBaseVII.

Code Page

Used to specify a code page when working with a database. Available values: Default, UnitedStatesOEM, GreekDOS, WesternEuropeanDOS, TurkishDOS, CentralEuropeanDOS, PortugueseDOS, IcelandicDOS, FrenchCanadianDOS, NordicDOS, CyrillicDOS, Thai, Japanese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Korean, CentralEuropeanANSI, CyrillicANSI, WesternEuropeanANSI, GreekANSI, TurkishANSI, HebrewANSI, ArabicANSI and BalticANSI. Default value is Default.

Connect Mode

Used to specify the way the connection operates the database tables. When Shared, multiple connections can open the same table at the same time. When Exclusive, an already opened table can not be opened by other connections. Default value is Shared. Note: Since the DBF database does not support transactions, an attempt to change the same table from different connections can cause corruption of the table data. Therefore, when using the Shared mode, the application itself must provide the integrity of the table data.

Example Connection String

Database=C:\MyDatabase\;DBF Format=VisualFoxPro;Code Page=UnitedStatesOEM;Connect Mode=Exlusive;

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