PostgreSQL Data Access Components History

This page lists the functionality added in each version of PostgreSQL Data Access Components. To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the PgDAC revision history.

26-Nov-2018 New Features in PgDAC 5.3:

  • RAD Studio 10.3 Rio is supported
  • PostgreSQL 11 is supported
  • Support of UPPER and LOWER functions for Unified SQL is added

09-Jul-2018 New Features in PgDAC 5.2:

  • Lazarus 1.8.4 is supported
  • Performance of batch operations is improved
  • Support for HTTP/HTTPS tunnel is added
  • Demo projects for IntraWeb 14 are added

19-Sep-2017 New Features in PgDAC 5.1:

  • SSPI authentication is supported
  • Processing GUID data type for the TGuidField class is improved

05-Apr-2017 New Features in PgDAC 5.0:

  • RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is supported
  • Linux in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is supported
  • Lazarus 1.6.4 and Free Pascal 3.0.2 is supported

25-Apr-16 New Features in PgDAC 4.7:

  • RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin is supported
  • Lazarus 1.6 and FPC 3.0.0 is supported
  • PostgreSQL 9.5 is supported
  • Support for the BETWEEN statement in TDADataSet.Filter is added
  • A MessageCharset option in connection options is added
  • Data Type Mapping performance is improved
  • RepeatableRead and ReadUncommitted transaction isolation levels are added
  • Performance of TDALoader on loading data from TDataSet is improved

09-Sep-15 New Features in PgDAC 4.6:

  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle is supported
  • INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE batch operations are supported
  • Support of bit and bit varying data types is improved
  • Now Trial for Win64 is a fully functional Professional Edition

14-Apr-15 New Features in PgDAC 4.5:

  • RAD Studio XE8 is supported
  • AppMethod is supported
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 is supported
  • The AutoRestart property for the Alerter component is added

15-Sep-14 New Features in PgDAC 4.4:

  • RAD Studio XE7 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.4 is supported
  • Demo projects for FastReport 5 are added
  • The TCustomDADataSet.GetKeyFieldNames method is added
  • The ConstraintColumns metadata kind for the TDAMetadata component is added

29-Apr-14 New Features in PgDAC 4.3:

  • Delphi XE6 is supported
  • Android in C++Builder XE6 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.2 and FPC 2.6.4 is supported
  • SmartFetch mode for TDataSet descendants is added
  • Now update queries inside TDataSet descendants have correct owner
  • The TPgDataSetOptions.MasterDetailNullable property is added

25-Dec-13 New Features in PgDAC 4.2:

  • iOS in C++Builder XE5 is supported
  • RAD Studio XE5 Update 2 is now required
  • Now .obj and .o files are supplied for C++Builder
  • A list of available Charsets in TPgConnection at design-time is added
  • Default charset detecting for Windows is added
  • Compatibility of migrating floating-point fields from other components is improved

19-Sep-13 New Features in PgDAC 4.1:

  • RAD Studio XE5 is supported
  • Application development for Android is supported
  • Lazarus 1.0.12 is supported
  • Performance is improved
  • Automatic checking for new versions is added
  • The possibility to use conditions is added
  • PostgreSQL 9.3 is supported
  • IPv6 protocol support is added
  • Support of the IN keyword in the TDataSet.Filter property is added
  • Like operator behaviour when used in the Filter property is now similar to TClientDataSet
  • The possibility to use ranges is added
  • The Ping method for the Connection component is added
  • The AllowImplicitConnect option for the Connection component is added
  • The SQLRecCount property for the Query and StoredProc components is added
  • The ScanParams property for the Script component is added
  • The RowsAffected property for the Script component is added
  • The EnableDomains option is added for TPgConnection
  • ConnectionTimeout is now used when disconnecting after connection loss
  • The TPgTable.TableName and TPgStoredProc.StoredProcName property editors are improved

25-Apr-13 New Features in PgDAC 4.0:

  • RAD Studio XE4 is supported
  • NEXTGEN compiler is supported
  • Application development for iOS is supported
  • FPC 2.6.2 and Lazarus 1.0.8 are supported
  • Connection string support is added
  • Possibility to encrypt entire tables and datasets is added
  • Possibility to determine if data in a field is encrypted is added
  • Support of TimeStamp, Single and Extended fields in VirtualTable is added
  • Support for custom mapping of numeric fields with BCD and FmtBCD types is added

17-Dec-12 New Features in PgDAC 3.6

  • RAD Studio XE3 Update 1 is now required
  • C++Builder 64-bit for Windows is supported

10-Sep-12 New Features in PgDAC 3.5:

  • RAD Studio XE3 is supported
  • Windows 8 is supported

21-Jun-12 New Features in PgDAC 3.2:

  • Update 4 Hotfix 1 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
  • Data Type Mapping support is added
  • Data Encryption in a client application is added
  • The TPgEncryptor component for data encryption is added
  • Calling of the TCustomDASQL.BeforeExecute event is added

23-Nov-11 New Features in PgDAC 3.1:

  • Update 2 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
  • macOS and iOS in RAD Studio XE2 is supported
  • FireMonkey support is improved
  • Lazarus and Free Pascal 2.4.4 are supported
  • macOS in Lazarus is supported
  • Linux x64 in Lazarus is supported
  • FreeBSD in Lazarus is supported
  • PostgreSQL 9.1 is supported

15-Sep-11 New Features in PgDAC 3.0:

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 is supported
  • Application development for 64-bit Windows is supported
  • FireMonkey application development platform is supported
  • Support of master/detail relationship for TVirtualTable is added
  • OnProgress event in TVirtualTable is added
  • TDADataSetOptions.SetEmptyStrToNull property that allows inserting NULL value instead of empty string is added

28-Apr-11 New Features in PgDAC 2.20

  • Lazarus 0.9.30 and FPC 2.4.2 is supported
  • Delphi XE and C++Builder XE Starter Edition are supported
  • Application Name connection option is supported
  • Payload parameter for PostgreSQL notification is supported (TPgNotificationEvent changed: EventMessage parameter is added)

26-Jan-11 New Features in PgDAC 2.10

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 supported
  • Case sensitive schema name
  • Checking that dataset is open on calling the TDataSet.Locate method
  • Improved performance
  • Improved table names detecting inside SQL queries for the UpdatingTable property

13-Sep-10 New Features in PgDAC 2.00

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE supported
  • Changed the LocateEx method behavior: now LocateEx centers records equal to Locate
  • Ability to lock records in the CachedUpdate mode
  • Overloaded declaration of the ApplyUpdates method to choose update kind
  • Updated compatibility with other DAC components
  • Ability to send call stack information to the dbMonitor component
  • Added OnStart, OnCommit, OnRollback events to TDATransaction
  • Support of ONLY lexeme in the FROM statement
  • Support for dbMonitor 3
  • CursorWithHold option for TCustomPgDataSet to use FetchAll=False mode without transaction
  • Now Required flag is set for UpdatingTable fields only
  • Now the AssignConnect method copies transaction state

10-Sep-09 New Features in PgDAC 1.20

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 supported
  • Support for automatic starting a transaction when FetchAll=False
  • FullRefresh option for TCustomPgDataSet
  • Now the value from the master dataset has priority over the DefaultExpression value
  • The Disconnected property to TCustomDADataSet
  • Distinction between empty string and null value when saving/loading string fields in TVirtualTable
  • The UseParamTypes option used to disable automatic detection of parameter types

02-Apr-09 New Features in PgDAC 1.10

  • Free Pascal under Linux supported
  • DMLRefresh supported
  • Added NoPreconnect property to TPgScript for executing CONNECT and CREATE DATABASE commands

06-Jan-09 First release of PgDAC 1.00