Review Assistant History
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3.6.465 15-Feb-18

Client changes:

3.6.455 21-Nov-17

Client changes:

3.6.450 19-Oct-17

Server changes:

Client changes:

Note: Upgrading to this version requires reinstalling both the server and the clients

3.6.445 22-Aug-17

Server changes:

Client changes:

3.6.436 13-Jul-17

Client changes:

3.6.435 27-Jun-17

Server changes:

Client changes:

3.6.430 28-Feb-17

Visual Studio 2017 RC4 support

Review Assistant v3.6 is now compatible with Visual Studio 2017 RC4.

Project members can now export a review

In the previous versions of Review Assistant, only a project owner could export a review. In response to multiple requests from our users, we've made this feature available for any member of a project.

Visual Studio authentication for TFS connections supported

Now, you don't need to additionally enter credentials in Review Assistant. In most cases, this allows you to connect without the prompt at all, and when using Visual Studio Online, there is no need to enable Alternate authentication credentials.

Improved Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard contains a link to the documentation topic explaining in details the steps of setting up the SQL Server connection.

Forward slash symbols in a path of a Perforce workspace supported

The Perforce path syntax is supported in Review Assistant.

3.5.352 7-Feb-17

Client changes:

3.5.348 17-Jan-17

3.5.345 29-Nov-16

3.5.343 16-Nov-16

3.5.341 9-Nov-16

3.5.330 19-Oct-16

Review Assistant moved to SQL Server

Other improvements

Note: Upgrading to this version requires reinstalling both the server and the clients

3.2.146 19-May-16

3.2.138 21-Mar-16

More flexible email notifications

Project members can join reviews now

New role in a review - Watcher

Create reviews without specifying reviewers

This feature was added for agile teams. It allows creating "hanging" reviews, which any team member can pick up.

Other improvements

3.0.54 11-Feb-16

3.0.51 23-Nov-15

3.0.49 20-Nov-15

3.0.48 18-Nov-15

Get code review process up and running in two minutes with TFS

Multiple authors per review

Initial review

Flexible editing of a range of revisions in a review

Better work with the file list in a review

Working with binary files

Other improvements

2.8.512 31-Jul-15

The release of Review Assistant 2.8 provides the following functionality:

2.7.509 27-Apr-15

2.7.508 24-Apr-15

2.7.505 21-Apr-15

Printed code review reports

For companies that conduct external compliance review such as PA-DSS.

Review comments in Visual Studio's built-in diff tool

Review Assistant provides full integration with the built-in Visual Studio diff tool. You do not need to have Code Compare installed to see review comments.

The 'Resume Review' action for reviewer

A reviewer may renew the code review process independently of other review participants. This may be useful when a reviewer finished the review process and after some time would like to change their opinion.

Smarter revision picking algorithm for a comparison

This algorithm will be beneficial for users who conduct iterative code review with help of Git or Mercurial. The new algorithm selects a file revision more accurate while reviewing changes. In many cases, this allows you to separate changes of other authors that could get into the file while code merge or as a result of significant intervals between iterations of one review.

Other Improvements

2.6.407 16-Dec-14

2.6.379 30-Oct-14

Code Coverage Report

With the new report, you can:

Mark revision as reviewed

When creating a review and adding revisions to it, author can easily detect what revisions in repository were not reviewed.

Report customization

Adding a review comment for the entire file

The option to comment not only a certain code line, but to add review comment to the entire file.

Review links in reports

Now Review Status and Code Coverage reports include clickable links referring to corresponding reviews.

Visual Studio "14" CTP support

The new version of Review Assistant is compatible with the bleeding edge version of Visual Studio environment.

Other Changes

2.5.282 26-Aug-14

2.5.279 5-Jun-14

Faster Review Server

We have boosted the Review Assistant Server up to 50%

Secure Connections

SSL connections are supported now.

Work without Visual Studio

You can install the Review Assistant (client) on the PC without Visual Studio. The product installation will download and install the Visual Studio Integrated Shell.

Simultaneous work with multiple projects gets more convenient

Pre-Commit Code Review Policy for TFS

Review Assistant client now includes a custom check-in policy for TFS. It is used to control that all changes pass code review before the check-in into a version control system.

Options for email notifications

A user profile now includes the 'Email notification level' setting. You can use it to adjust notification preferences

Large code reviews are better now

Other Improvements

2.1.229 25-Feb-14

2.1.227 21-Jan-14

2.1.221 13-Jan-14

Perforce source control system integration

Now companies that use Perforce can benefit from using Review Assistant. Our code review tool provides support for integration with Perforce source code control system and allows you to:

Adding comments to blocks of code

Review Assistant allows to add comments to a block of code. You can select either a word or a several code lines to add a comment. A block of code with a comment is highlighted with the orange border for more convenience.

Improvements related to comments in the code editor

Command line interface

We stick to the tradition of giving our users the priority of choosing new features. Our close interaction results in the improvements that are really required. One of the most voted-for features is the support of continuous integration platforms.

Command line client features:

2.0.145 10-Dec-13

2.0.140 2-Dec-13

2.0.137 31-Oct-13

2.0.130 16-Oct-13

2.0.108 24-Sep-13

2.0.102 19-Sep-13

New Code Review Board

Email Notifications

Code Review Reports

Improved Commenting on Code

Improved Code Review Process

Multiple Repositories in One Review Allowed

Closer Integration with TFS

Visual Studio 2013 Support

We have implemented the integration of Review Assistant with Visual Studio 2013.

1.2.35 8-Aug-13

1.2.35 8-Aug-13

1.2.33 5-Aug-13

1.2.30 3-Jun-13

1.2.24 18-Apr-13

1.2.23 11-Apr-13

1.2.22 20-Feb-13

1.2.21 18-Jan-13

1.2.19 11-Jan-13

1.2.18 10-Jan-13

1.1.10 6-Dec-12

1.1.9 6-Nov-12

1.1.7 25-Oct-12

1.0.26 19-Sep-12

1.0.25 12-Sep-12

1.0.24 9-Aug-12

1.0.22 6-Aug-12

1.0.21 31-Jul-12

1.0.14 10-Jul-12

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