What's New in Review Assistant 3.2

This article focuses on new capabilities provided by the updated Review Assistant. The new version offers better tuning of email notifications, watcher role for reviews, workflow for agile teams, and much more.

For a complete list of new features in Review Assistant, please visit the related news page.

More flexible email notifications

Email notifications allow you to stay up to date on the review process and receive notifications about recent developments via email. In this version of Review Assistant, we improved email notification control. Now you can configure the level of notifications for each specific event occurring in a review, be it a new review, a review update or an added comment.

Moreover, every member of a project can now receive email notifications about all events in a review.

Project members can join reviews now

When looking through the list of open project reviews or getting a message about a new review, you can join the review as a reviewer. To join the review, simply open it and click Join Review in the review editor of the Code Review Board.

New role in a review - Watcher

When creating a review, you can assign certain team members to a review as watchers so that they can monitor the review process. Watchers receive review notifications as if they were review participants. A watcher can join a review any time while the review is pending and can comment a code as a reviewer.

Create reviews without specifying reviewers

This feature will be particularly useful for agile teams. A code author can now create a review without assigning reviewers to it. Each project member receives an email notification about the new review and can see the review under My Reviews and To Review filters. Any project member can join the review.

Other Improvements

In this new version, we further enhance the usability of our tool by improving project settings and review editor, and making warning on Accept Changes more explicit.