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What's New in Review Assistant 3.6

On this page, you can find information about the new features and improvements implemented in Review Assistant 3.6. The key feature of this release is the sim-ship support for Visual Studio 2017. Other new features include improved configuration wizard, advanced connect and refresh operations, and much more.

Visual Studio 2017 support

We have released the new version of Review Assistant to simultaneously ship with the new Visual Studio 2017 upon its release. In contrast to Visual Studio's native code review tool, Review Assistant has extra features and covers a broader version control systems support.

Visual Studio 2017 supported

Project members can now export a review

In the previous versions of Review Assistant, only a project owner could export a review. In response to multiple requests from our users, we've made this feature available for any member of a project.

Exporting a review

Improved Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard helps you set up the connection to an SQL Server database. Some of the Review Assistant users faced certain issues when connecting to SQL Server, so we have improved the connection string template to make it more explicit. Also, we added a link to the topic of documentation that explains how to connect Review Assistant to SQL Server using one of the authentication methods: Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

Configuration Wizard

Forward slash symbols in a path of a Perforce workspace supported

In Perforce, path components are always separated by forward slashes(/). In earlier versions of Review Assistant, users sometimes faced difficulties when specifying a Perforce's working directory. That's why, in this version of Review Assistant, we've supported the forward-slash syntax of Perforce.

Forward slashes supported for Perforce

Visual Studio authentication for TFS connections supported

Now, you don't need to additionally enter credentials in Review Assistant. In most cases, this allows you to connect without the prompt at all, and when using Visual Studio Online, there is no need to enable Alternate authentication credentials.

Visual Studio authentication for TFS connections supported