SysAdmin /Junior DevOps Engineer (Kharkiv)

We are looking for a SysAdmin /Junior DevOps Engineer with 2+ years of working experience.


  • Self-consistency, analytical thinking, high tolerance for stress
  • Strong troubleshooting skill (logs, etc..)
  • CI/CD process understanding
  • Scripting experience (bash, python, etc.) - one of them
  • Experience with GitLab and GitLab runner
  • Experience with MSSQL, ORACLE, MySQL, PostreSQL
  • Experience with container services such a Docker
  • Practical experience in the setup of nix, BSD, SSH, LAMP, Jenkins, SQL vNext
  • Deep knowledge of XenServer, VMware ESXi
  • Networking experience


  • Investigation and troubleshooting of technical issues
  • General technical support for employees and execution of routine performance
  • Reproduction of various cases related to the configuration or network issues (e.g. SSH of the fresh version on an outdated Debian, database connection via PHP and Apache of a certain version) for the technical support team
  • Keeping the test set of MSSQL, ORACLE, MySQL, PostreSQL, fork databases in the work state
  • Creation of test environments for configuration testing in the Virtual Box, XEN, Docker (GaleraDB Cluster, OracleRAC, Oracle 12c PDB, PG+SSL+GIS, etc) environments

Nice to have:

  • Practical experience in working with AWS, Azure, Azure Automation, Google Cloud
  • Working on automation and "Infrastructure as Code"
  • Deep knowledge of ORACLE
  • Practical experience in supporting IIS, ASP.NET, С#
  • Basic knowledge of Python, Java

Please send your CV to