SecureBridge Details

How Does SecureBridge Work?

In order to ensure data safety in insecure networks, it is essential to take care of data protection and integrity, as well as of data receiver identification. So before putting the data into the insecure area, it should be encrypted. On the other side the data should be decrypted. In a general case an encrypted connection between a client and a server may look like this:

Common view of secure connections
General view of secure connections

Both security client and security server can be implemented with SecureBridge just by adding several components into your application. This will not affect its architecture, and will not add any external dependencies. It is also possible with SecureBridge to make separate security client and server applications to protect connections between trusted networks.

Both SSH and SSL are designed to protect network connections. As these protocols have certain differences, they have to be described separately.

SSH tunnel can ensure data transferring from several clients of one secure area to clients in another secure area through one protected TCP connection. The general chart of computer ties when connecting through the SSH tunnel is presented below:

SSH tunnel diagram
SSH tunnel diagram

SecureBridge can act as both SSH client (TScSSHClient) and SSH server (TScSSHServer). In some cases SSH client and SSH server are embedded into applications whose connections have to be protected.

SSL connection resembles SSH tunnel. The difference is that SSL client and SSL server are always embedded into applications. To put some data into network, an application calls methods of the embedded SSL client/server, and data is encrypted and sent. To get data from network, the application also calls methods of SSL. So, SSL clients and servers operate within the application's address space. The general chart of computer ties when connecting through SSL is presented below:

SSH tunnel diagram
SSL connection diagram

Functionality of the SSL client is implemented in the TScSSLClient component. It lets building fast clients for different servers that support SSL.

SecureBridge Design-Time View

SecureBridge design-time