TCustomMSConnectionOptions Members

TCustomMSConnectionOptions class overview.


Name Description

AllowImplicitConnect (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Specifies whether to allow or not implicit connection opening.

DefaultSortType (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Used to determine the default type of local sorting for string fields. It is used when a sort type is not specified explicitly after the field name in the TMemDataSet.IndexFieldNames property of a dataset.

DisconnectedMode (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Used to open a connection only when needed for performing a server call and closes after performing the operation.


Specifies if data should be encrypted before sending it over the network.

KeepDesignConnected (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Used to prevent an application from establishing a connection at the time of startup.

LocalFailover (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

If True, the TCustomDAConnection.OnConnectionLost event occurs and a failover operation can be performed after connection breaks.


Specifies the format of storing and representing the NUMERIC (DECIMAL) fields for all TCustomMSDataSets associated with the given connection.


Used to specify a provider from the list of supported providers.


Causes Microsoft SQL Server to follow the SQL-92 rules regarding quotation mark delimiting identifiers and literal strings.


Used to manage field type creation for the NTEXT data type.
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