TMSCompactConnection Properties

Properties of the TMSCompactConnection class.

For a complete list of the TMSCompactConnection class members, see the TMSCompactConnection Members topic.


Name Description

ClientVersion (inherited from TCustomMSConnection)

Contains the version of Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.

ConnectDialog (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows to link a TCustomConnectDialog component.

ConnectString (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Used to specify the connection information, such as: UserName, Password, Server, etc.

ConvertEOL (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows customizing line breaks in string fields and parameters.

InTransaction (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Indicates whether the transaction is active.

IsolationLevel (inherited from TCustomMSConnection)

Used to specify the extent to which all outside transactions interfere with subsequent transactions of the current connection.

LoginPrompt (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Specifies whether a login dialog appears immediately before opening a new connection.

Password (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Serves to supply a password for login.

Pooling (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Enables or disables using connection pool.

PoolingOptions (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Specifies the behaviour of connection pool.

Server (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Serves to supply the server name for login.

ServerVersion (inherited from TCustomMSConnection)

Contains the exact number of the SQL Server version.

Username (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Used to supply a user name for login.


Name Description


Used to specify the database name that is a default source of data for SQL queries once a connection is established.


Used to specify the file mode to be used for opening a database file.


Specifies the number of locks to perform before escalating from row to table or from page to table..


Used to specify the time for which a transaction will wait for a lock.


Used to specify the behaviour of a TMSCompactConnection object.


Used to specify the way the buffer pool will be flushed on transaction commit.

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