TMSCompactConnection.Options Property

Used to specify the behaviour of a TMSCompactConnection object.




property Options: TMSCompactConnectionOptions;


Set the properties of Options to specify the behaviour of a TMSCompactConnection object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
AutoShrinkThreshold Specifies the amount of free space in the database file before automatic shrink starts.
CompactVersion Specifies which version of SQL Server Compact will be used.
DefaultLockEscalation Specifies how many locks should be performed before trying escalation from row to page or from page to table.
DefaultLockTimeout Specifies how much time in milliseconds a transaction will wait for a lock.
FlushInterval Specifies the interval at which committed transactions are flushed to disk.
ForceCreateDatabase Used to force TMSCompactConnection to create a new database before opening a connection, if the database is not exists.
LocaleIdentifier Used to specify the preferable locale ID.
MaxBufferSize Specifies how much memory SQL Server Compact Edition can use before flushing changes to disk.
MaxDatabaseSize Specified maximum size of the main database file.
TempFileDirectory Specifies the temp file directory.
TempFileMaxSize Specified maximum size of the temporary database file.
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