TMSConnectionOptions.ForceCreateDatabase Property

Used to force TMSConnection to create a new database before opening a connection, if the database is not exists.




property ForceCreateDatabase: boolean;


By default, when connecting to a database, SQL Server does not check whether there exists the specified file. If the TCustomMSConnection.Database property points to a non-existent database in correct system path, a new empty database will be created and opened, and no warning message will be displayed. In the case if an incorrect database name was entered by mistake, this behavior can lead to misunderstandings and errors in the operation of the software.

If the TMSConnectionOptions.ForceDatabaseCreate property is set to False, before establishing a connection to the database, P:Devart.Sdac.TCustomMSConnection will check whether the specified file exists. If the file does not exist, an appropriate exception will be raised.

If the TMSConnectionOptions.ForceDatabaseCreate property is set to True, no checking will be performed and a new database will be created.

The default value of the TMSConnectionOptions.ForceDatabaseCreate property is False.

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