TMSProvider Enumeration

Use this property to specify a provider from the list of supported providers.




TMSProvider = (prAuto, prSQL, prNativeClient, prCompact, prDirect, prMSOLEDB);


Value Meaning
prAuto prAuto is the default value of the Provider property. With default value, SDAC will use one of the supported providers in the following order:
  1. prNativeClient
  2. prMSOLEDB
  3. prSQL
First SDAC checks whether SQL Server Native Client is installed on your system. If SQL Server Native Client is not found, SDAC looks for Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server. If neither SQLNCLI nor MSOLEDBSQL is installedon your system, the driver will use Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.
prCompact SQL Server Compact Edition provider.
prDirect Connect to SQL Server directly via TCP/IP.
prMSOLEDB Uses Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL). You need to have the driver installed on your system to use this value for Provider.
prNativeClient Uses the SQL Native Client. It should be installed on the computer to use this Provider value. This provider offers the maximum functionality set.
prSQL Uses the provider preinstalled with Windows that has limited functionality.

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