TMSSQL Methods

Methods of the TMSSQL class.

For a complete list of the TMSSQL class members, see the TMSSQL Members topic.


Name Description

Execute (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Overloaded. Executes a SQL statement on the server.


Overloaded. Provides data in readable view for the SELECT statements written using the FOR XML clause.

Executing (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Checks whether TCustomDASQL still executes a SQL statement.

FindMacro (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Searches for a macro with the specified name.


Determines if a parameter with the specified name exists in a dataset.

MacroByName (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Finds a Macro with the name passed in Name.


Sets or uses parameter information for a specific parameter based on its name.

Prepare (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Allocates, opens, and parses cursor for a query.

UnPrepare (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Frees the resources allocated for a previously prepared query on the server and client sides.

WaitExecuting (inherited from TCustomDASQL)

Waits until TCustomDASQL executes a SQL statement.

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