SQL Server Data Access Components History

This page lists the functionality added in each version of SQL Server Data Access Components. To view the full changelog including bug fixes, consult the SDAC revision history.

26-Nov-2018 New Features in SDAC 8.2:

  • RAD Studio 10.3 Rio is supported
  • TfrxSDACDatabase.DefaultLockTimeout property is added
  • QuoteNames option in TMSLoader to escape field names is added
  • Support of UPPER and LOWER functions for Unified SQL is added

09-Jul-2018 New Features in SDAC 8.1:

  • Lazarus 1.8.4 is supported
  • MARS in TDS is supported
  • NonBlocking mode in TDS is supported
  • Query notifications in TDS are supported
  • TCustomMSDataSet.CommandTimeout property in TDS is supported
  • Performance of batch operations is improved
  • Demo projects for IntraWeb 14 are added

05-Apr-2017 New Features in SDAC 8.0:

  • RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is supported
  • Linux in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is supported
  • Lazarus 1.6.4 and Free Pascal 3.0.2 is supported

25-Apr-16 New Features in SDAC 7.3:

  • RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin is supported
  • Lazarus 1.6 and FPC 3.0.0 is supported
  • Support for the BETWEEN statement in TDADataSet.Filter is added
  • The TMSLoaderOptions.FireTrigger property is added
  • SmartFetch mode in Disconnected mode is supported
  • Data Type Mapping performance is improved
  • Performance of TDALoader on loading data from TDataSet is improved

09-Sep-15 New Features in SDAC 7.2:

  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle is supported
  • Now Trial for Win64 is a fully functional Professional Edition
  • INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE batch operations are supported

14-Apr-15 New Features in SDAC 7.1:

  • RAD Studio XE8 is supported
  • AppMethod is supported
  • Direct mode in Lazarus is supported
  • Now the Direct mode is supplied as source code
  • Performance of connection establishing in the Direct mode is improved

25-Nov-14 New Features in SDAC 7.0:

  • Direct Mode is supported
  • macOS is supported
  • iOS is supported
  • Android is supported

15-Sep-14 New Features in SDAC 6.11:

  • RAD Studio XE7 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.4 is supported
  • The TCustomDADataSet.GetKeyFieldNames method is added
  • The ConstraintColumns metadata kind for the TMSMetadata component is added

29-Apr-14 New Features in SDAC 6.10:

  • RAD Studio XE6 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.2.2 and FPC 2.6.4 is supported
  • SQL Server 2014 is supported
  • SmartFetch mode for TDataSet descendants is added
  • The TMSDataSetOptions.MasterFieldsNullable property is added
  • Now update queries inside TDataSet descendants have correct owner

25-Dec-13 New Features in SDAC 6.9:

  • RAD Studio XE5 Update 2 is now required
  • Now .obj and .o files are supplied for C++Builder
  • Compatibility of migrating floating-point fields from other components is improved
  • The TMSConnection.AutoCommit property is added
  • Default values of UNIQUEIDENTIFIER fields without curly brackets are supported

19-Sep-13 New Features in SDAC 6.8:

  • RAD Studio XE5 is supported
  • Lazarus 1.0.12 is supported
  • Performance is improved
  • Automatic checking for new versions is added
  • The possibility to use conditions is added
  • Support of the IN keyword in the TDataSet.Filter property is added
  • Like operator behaviour when used in the Filter property is now similar to TClientDataSet
  • The possibility to use ranges is added
  • The Ping method for the TMSConnection component is added
  • The AllowImplicitConnect option for the TMSConnection component is added
  • The ForceCreateDatabase option for the TMSConnection is added
  • The ApplicationIntent option for the TMSConnection is added
  • The SQLRecCount property for the TMSQuery and TMSStoredProc components is added
  • The ScanParams property for the TMSScript component is added
  • The RowsAffected property for the TMSScript component is added

25-Apr-13 New Features in SDAC 6.7:

  • RAD Studio XE4 is supported
  • FPC 2.6.2 and Lazarus 1.0.8 are supported
  • Connection string support is added
  • Now the TCustomMSDataSet.Options.UniqueRecords property is set to True by default
  • The TCustomMSDataSet.Options.HideSystemUniqueFields property is added
  • Possibility to encrypt entire tables and datasets is added
  • Possibility to determine if data in a field is encrypted is added
  • Support for TimeStamp, Single and Extended fields in VirtualTable is added

17-Dec-12 New Features in SDAC 6.6

  • RAD Studio XE3 Update 1 is now required
  • C++Builder 64-bit for Windows is supported
  • TMSConnection.Port property that allows specifying the port number for connection is added

10-Sep-12 New Features in SDAC 6.5:

  • RAD Studio XE3 is supported
  • Windows 8 is supported

21-Jun-12 New Features in SDAC 6.2:

  • Update 4 Hotfix 1 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
  • Data Type Mapping support is added
  • Data encryption in a client application is added
  • The TMSEncryptor component for data encryption is added
  • Calling of the TCustomDASQL.BeforeExecute event is added

23-Nov-11 New Features in SDAC 6.1:

  • Update 2 for RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder XE2 is now required
  • FireMonkey support is improved
  • Lazarus and Free Pascal 2.4.4 are supported

15-Sep-11 New Features in SDAC 6.0:

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 is supported
  • Application development for 64-bit Windows is supported
  • FireMonkey application development platform is supported
  • Support of master/detail relationship for TVirtualTable is added
  • OnProgress event in TVirtualTable is added
  • TDADataSetOptions.SetEmptyStrToNull property that allows inserting NULL value instead of empty string is added

28-Apr-11 New Features in SDAC 5.10

  • Lazarus 0.9.30 and FPC 2.4.2 is supported
  • Delphi XE and C++Builder XE Starter Edition are supported
  • Support for Table-Valued Parameters is added
  • TMSTableData component for storing data of Table-Valued Parameter type is added
  • Support for SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 is added
  • Support of API interface for managing FILESTREAM data is added

13-Sep-10 New Features in SDAC 5.00

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE supported

10-Sep-09 New Features in SDAC 4.80

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 supported

23-Oct-08 New Features in SDAC 4.70

  • Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 supported
  • Extended Unicode support for Delphi 2007 added (special Unicode build)
  • Free Pascal 2.2 supported
  • Powerful design-time editors implemented in Lazarus
  • Completed with more comprehensive structured Help

23-May-08 New Features in SDAC 4.50

  • Added compatibility with UniDAC
  • Improved support of default field values
  • Added ability to specify key fields for a dataset
  • Added support of automatic records locking
  • Added an option for setting lock wait timeout

09-Jan-08 New Features in SDAC 4.35

  • SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 supported
  • Tested with SQL Server 2008 CTP 4

27-Sep-07 New Features in SDAC 4.30

  • CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 supported
  • Added enhanced support for User-defined Types of SQL Server
  • Added support for distributed transactions with the new TMSTransaction component
  • Added support for Query Notifications with the new TMSChangeNotification component
  • Improved support for SQL Server Compact Edition with the new TMSCompactConnection component
  • Added support for getting results from queries with the FOR XML clause in readable view
  • Added ability to lock records and tables
  • TMSMetadata is enhanced with more schema row sets
  • Added support for connection encryption without certificate validation
  • Added ability to force record fetch for datasets open in FetchAll=False mode
  • Added support for detailed error messages output to DBMonitor
  • Added the OnProgress event in TMSLoader

15-Jun-07 New Features in SDAC 4.10

  • C++Builder 2007 supported

22-Mar-07 New features in SDAC 4.00

  • New functionality:
    • Delphi 2007 for Win32 supported
    • Disconnected model for working offline and automatically connecting and disconnecting supported
    • Local failover for detecting connection loss and implicitly reexecuting some operations supported
    • Added DataSet Manager to control project datasets
    • New TMSScript component for easy execution of multistatement scripts added:
      • Support for executing individual statements in scripts
      • Support for executing huge scripts stored in files with dynamic loading
      • Ability to use standard SQL Server client tool syntax
    • New component for transferring data between all types of TDataSets descendants added
    • New TMSServiceBroker component for SQL Server 2005 queuing and reliable messaging added
    • New TMSLoader component for improving records insertion performance added
    • New TMSDump component for loading data to and from the server added
    • Data export and import to/from XML supported
    • WideMemo field type in Delphi 2006 supported
    • Support for sending messages to DBMonitor from any point of your program added
    • Asynchronous fetch mode supported
    • Compressed BLOBs supported
  • Support for more SQL Server functionality:
    • SQL Server Compact Edition supported
    • Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) supported
    • Support for new data types, including XML, varchar(MAX), nvarchar(MAX), varbinary(MAX) added
    • Support for a new level of transaction isolation (DBPROPVAL_TI_SNAPSHOT) added
    • Support for more server objects in TMSMetadata added
    • Stored procedure parameters with default values supported
  • Extensions and improvements to existing functionality:
    • General performance improved
    • Master/detail functionality extensions:
      • Local master/detail relationship support added
      • Master/detail relationship in CachedUpdates mode support added
    • Working with calculated and lookup fields improvements:
      • Local sorting and filtering added
      • Record location speed increased
      • Improved working with lookup fields
    • Greatly increased performance of applying updates in CachedUpdates mode
    • Connection pool functionality improvements:
      • Efficiency significantly improved
      • API for draining the connection pool added
    • Ability to customize update commands by attaching external components to TMSUpdateSQL objects added
    • Support for DefaultValues on record insertion added
    • Some performance improvements achieved:
      • NUMERIC fields fetching
      • Update commands execution while editing data set
      • DataSet refreshing
      • Records refreshing after updates and inserts
    • Support for selecting database name in TMSConnectDialog added
  • Usability improvements:
    • Syntax highlighting in design-time editors added
    • Demo projects became better organized and clearer
    • FAQ added

28-Aug-06 New features in SDAC 3.80

  • Professional editions of Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++ supported

26-Jan-06 New features in SDAC 3.70

  • Support for Delphi 2006 added
  • Support for SQL Server 2005 added

30-May-05 New features in SDAC 3.55

  • Improved behavior on editing master key on master/detail relation
  • Optimized MSSQLMonitor BLOB parameters processing
  • Ability of automatic preparing query with TCustomDADataSet.Options.AutoPrepare property added
  • Ability to synchronize position at different DataSets with TCustomDADataSet.GotoCurrent method added

24-Jan-05 New features in SDAC 3.50

  • Support for Delphi 2005 added
  • Support for SQL Server 2005 beta 2 added
  • Guid fields support for VirtualTable added

21-Oct-04 New features in SDAC 3.30

  • Full support for all current authentication protocols added
  • Generating update SQL for tables from other database added
  • TCustomMyDataSet.Options.EnableBoolean property added
  • TMyConnection.ThreadId property added
  • lxPartialCompare option for DataSet.LocateEx added
  • FastReport3 engine and demo added
  • Ability to store only a part of data in TMyDump.BackupQuery added
  • Creating additional connection for TMyDump disabled
  • TCustomMyDataSet.CommandTimeout property added
  • "True" value for boolean fields and parameters stored as "1"

27-Jul-04 New features in SDAC 3.00

  • Support for Delphi 8 added
  • Local sorting ability with TMemDataSet.IndexFieldNames added
  • Connection pooling support
  • TCRDBGrid sources in Standard edition
  • MSDataAdapter component added
  • .NET Windows Forms demo project added
  • ASP.NET demo project added
  • TMSConnection.GetStoredProcNames, GetTableNames, GetDatabaseNames added
  • TMSConnection.ClientVersion, ServerVersion added
  • Milliseconds support added

02-Oct-03 New features in SDAC 2.45.2

  • Methods TMSSQL.BreakExec and TCustomMSDataSet.BreakExec added
  • Property TMSConnection.Options.AutoTranslate added
  • Method ExecSQL in TMSConnection added
  • Methods GetTableNames and GetDatabaseNames in TMSConnection added
  • Unicode support for Locate on Win9x added

04-Apr-03 New features in SDAC 2.45

  • Property MSConnection.Options.WorkstationID added
  • Performance to insert large BLOBs improved
  • Performance significantly improved
  • Event TMSConnection.OnInfoMessage added
  • Multiple Errors support added
  • Property MSConnection.Options.ApplicationName added
  • Property TBlob.AsWideString added
  • Parameters parsing improved. Symbol ':' in string literals is ignored
  • Network error processing improved
  • Performance demo added

24-Feb-03 New features in SDAC 2.40

  • WideString support added
  • Property MSDataSet.Options.QuoteNames added
  • Property MSConnection.Options.KeepDesignConnected added
  • Property MSConnectDialog.StoreLogInfo published

26-Dec-02 New features in SDAC 2.35

  • Speed optimization for opening small queries
  • MSConnection.Options added
  • Limited MSConnection.ConnectString support added
  • Output string and (var)bytes parameters are now obtained from the server with the maximum length not depending on set Param.Size
  • DBMonitor client implementation moved to COM server

30-Sep-02 New features in SDAC 2.30

  • Delphi 7 support
  • New memory management model for ftString and ftVarBytes types. Allows significantly decrease memory usage on large tables fetch. Controlled by FlatBuffers dataset option
  • Support for blob fields in CachedUpdates mode

09-Aug-02 New features in SDAC 2.05

  • DBMonitor support

18-Jul-02 New features in SDAC 2.00

  • Server cursors supported
  • Queries with Multiple Result Sets supported
  • Performance improved
  • Opening queries without fetching all rows to client (FetchAll = False) supported
  • UniDirectional support added
  • Quick getting Identity value
  • Refresh supported for StoredProc
  • FullRefresh supported
  • Check for old row values while executing Update and Delete added
  • Changed behavior on close connection with open transaction from Commit to Rollback

21-Mar-02 New features in SDAC 1.30

  • C++Builder 6 supported

08-Nov-01 New features in SDAC 1.20

  • Added TMSParam class to represent parameters
  • Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager integration added
  • Accelerated getting identity value on refresh

26-Aug-01 First release of SDAC 1.00