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Devart SSIS DataFlow Components History

This page lists the functionality added in each version of SSIS DataFlow Components.

28-Mar-2018 New features in Devart SSIS DataFlow Components 1.7

  • Marketo is supported

12-Jan-2018 New features in Devart SSIS DataFlow Components 1.6

  • SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) in Visual Studio 2017 is supported
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse is supported
  • Google BigQuery is supported
  • Amazon Redshift is supported
  • The UseBulkApi parameter, specifying whether to use Bulk API or SOAP API, is added to the Devart Salesforce Destination component (Salesforce)
  • The behaviour is changed: now Column Mappings are not reset after Refresh in the Devart Salesforce Destination editor (Salesforce)
  • The behaviour is changed: now the Devart Sugar Destination component uses Bulk API (SugarCRM)

09-Jun-2016 New features in Devart SSIS DataFlow Components 1.5

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is supported in SSIS DataFlow components
  • The Conditions, PriceAdjuster_Type, PriceAdjuster_Value, WeightAdjuster_Type and WeightAdjuster_Value fields are added to the ProductRules entity (BigCommerce)
  • The "Include Deleted Records" option is added to Devart Salesforce Source Editor (Salesforce)
  • The new Assignment Rule Id property is implemented in Devart Salesforce Destination (Salesforce)
  • The "Use Assignment Rules" connection string parameter for using default Assignment Rule is added to the Salesforce connection (Salesforce)
  • Magento API v2 is supported (Magento)
  • The ParallelBatchProcessing option is added to the Devart Salesforce Destination component for specifying the mode used for upload: Parallel or Serial (Salesforce)
  • The SSIS Data Flow Components version info is added to the License Info window
  • A not sensitive Host parameter is added to SSIS DevartSalesforce connection manager (Salesforce)
  • The behaviour of the product installer is changed: now it checks whether another version of the product is installed
  • The installation wizard is improved: now it detects the previous version and allows removing it automatically
  • The behaviour is changed: the Password and SecurityToken parameters are now sensitive (Salesforce)

21-Sep-2015 New features in Devart SSIS DataFlow Components 1.0

  • The first release of Devart SSIS DataFlow Components