All SSIS Data Flow Components in One Ultimate Package

Our SSIS Integration Universal Bundle allows you to integrate data of more than 40 cloud applications and databases via SQL Server Integration Services. Get our SSIS Data Flow Components for all the supported sources together with a discount of over 75% in comparison to buying them separately!

If you need only SSIS Data Flow Components for cloud apps, get SSIS Integration Cloud Bundle. And if you need to integrate only database data, order SSIS Integration Database Bundle.

What You Can Do with Devart SSIS Data Flow Components

  • Export data from various sources to different file formats
  • Import XML, CSV, and other files to cloud applications and databases
  • Synchronize cloud applications and databases
  • Migrate from one cloud application to another
  • Replicate data from various cloud applications to relational databases
  • Load data between various cloud and relational data sources
  • Integrate various data sources via SSIS
  • Migrate from one database to another


Universal bundle

SSIS Integration Universal Bundle

45 $4299.10 $999.95 **
Database bundle

SSIS Integration Database Bundle

4 $799.80 $499.95 **
Cloud bundle

SSIS Integration Cloud Bundle

37 $2749.45 $749.95 **


* Cloud Bundle and Database Bundle do not include SSIS Data Flow Components for cloud data warehouses. They are included only in the SSIS Integration Universal Bundle.

** You get a perpetual product license and a 1 year of subscription which includes the product updates and premium support


Included Components

For each of the supported data sources, Devart SSIS Data Flow Components include:

Data Flow Source Component

Devart SSIS Source components come with convenient and user-friendly editor that visually displays the corresponding source objects and SSIS variables. It allows you to quickly configure your SELECT query that gets data. SQL SELECT statements are supported both for databases and cloud sources.

SSIS Data Flow Source

Data Flow Destination Component

Devart SSIS Destination components allow fast data loading and has data source specific optimizations. They offer advanced per-row error processing and allow returning generated IDs (primary key values) for records that were inserted successfully.

SSIS Data Flow Destination

Data Flow Lookup Component

Devart SSIS Lookup components offer high-performance lookup transformation with advanced caching. To reduce the number of server round-trips, they use SELECT statements that check several rows at once, and cache the returned data to avoid querying the same rows again.

SSIS Data Flow Lookup

Devart's product is quick to download and easy to install and easy to use in SSIS. The 30 day software trial supports data sources such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MailChimp, Salesforce, Bigcommerce, and 8 other data sources.

For my first test, I used the Devart Oracle Connection in the Data Flow tab of a project... It was great! I then used the Devart Oracle Source and used the Oracle connection and it displayed the schema for the HR user that I had logged in as and also allowed me to view All Schemas as well from this component. I dragged and dropped the columns that I wanted to use into the Source and clicked OK and was almost done in accomplishing the task.

The next test used the Devart MySQL Connection to connect to a local instance of a MySQL 5.7 database with no problems. I used this connection in a Devart MySQL Lookup to view values and compare them to the data from my Oracle Source. To finish the project, I successfully pushed the data to 2 Excel Files (Lookup Match and Lookup No Match) perfectly! I also pushed data through from the Devart Oracle Source through a Data Conversion task into a SQL Server 2014 database with no issues.

I tried the Devart MailChimp connection by using the web login for my MailChimp account to see if the Devart connection would access it and it did with success and no complications! I pushed an email list out to Excel from the Devart MailChimp Source in SSIS easily via the web connection to MailChimp.

Anyone who has ever tried and been disappointed in a free API or other free download to connect to a non-Microsoft data source for SSIS tools needs this product. It works perfectly upon installation and performs exactly how you would expect. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time creating SSIS packages with many Data Sources with Devart SSIS Data Flow Components!

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