We are looking for a Senior .NET Developer who will develop new and maintain the existing architecture and functionality for the corporate Devart website and its components.

About the product

www.devart.com is an e-commerce platform (B2B and B2C) for presenting and selling software products developed by the Devart company.

How we work

We work in sprints. The tasks are picked from the backlog, prioritized, and assigned to team members. If bugs are found while performing the task, they are reported. If you find something that requires improvement while performing the task, the corresponding tasks are created in the backlog. There are tasks both for refactoring and developing new functionality.


  • 6+ years as a .NET Developer
  • Expertise in web application development (ASP.NET Core MVC, REST API, WCF)
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks for developing Single Page Applications (Vue.js, Angular 5+)
  • Experience in building web application architecture from scratch or at least understanding the principles of this process
  • Expertise and deep understanding of .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, and C# technologies
  • Understanding of the principles of building a service-oriented architecture (SOA, Service Oriented Architecture), experience with the REST and WCF services
  • Good database management skills, knowledge of SQL
  • Expertise in ORM (EF, EF Core), Fluent API, LINQ
  • Good algorithmic base
  • Understanding of the basic principles of CI/CD
  • Experience with version control systems (SVN, Git)


  • Analyze tasks, decompose them into subtasks, and estimate the development time
  • Design and implement architectural solutions
  • Design the directions for developing the overall project infrastructure, monitor their implementation and adjust if needed
  • Analyze and research new tools (technologies, frameworks, libraries) in order to choose the most suitable tool for achieving the objectives
  • Deliver completed tasks for testing and provide advisory assistance to QAs during testing
  • Support the current functionality and maintain backward compatibility for the releases

Nice to have

  • Understanding of the network design principles
  • Experience in designing unit tests
  • Experience in leading of the development team
  • Bachelor or Master's degree in Computer Systems

Team: Product/Project Manager, .NET Developers, Designer, QA Engineer, Markup Developer

Working conditions

  • No overtime
  • Flexible working hours
  • 18 working days of vacation
  • 15 working days of sick leave
  • Medical insurance
  • Online English courses
  • Opportunities for professional development and personal growth (50% of tuition fees)
  • Various entertaining activities: corporate parties, team-building events

*Under martial law, some of the above-mentioned points may be temporarily limited.


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Benefits & Perks

Professional and career growth

Your qualifications, experience, and commitment to what you do will be paid accordingly.

Flexible work schedule

Arrange yourself a flexible schedule with no overtime to improve your work-life balance.

18 days of paid vacation

What is more, once you pass the 2-year mark at Devart, this number will be increased to 20.

15 days of paid sick leave

5 of them do not require any medical confirmation and can be taken at any moment.

Medical insurance

Receive a special Elite medical insurance package that covers 200,000 UAH per year.


We provide you with all the hardware and software you might need for productive work.