IDE Compatibility

VirtualDAC is compatible with the following IDEs:

All the existing Delphi and C++Builder editions are supported: Architect, Enterprise, Professional, Community, and Starter.

Lazarus and Free Pascal are supported only in Trial Edition and Standard Edition with source code.

Supported Target Platforms

Note that support for 64-bit Windows and macOS was introduced in RAD Studio XE2, and is not available in older versions of RAD Studio. Support for iOS is available since RAD Studio XE4, but support for iOS 64-bit is available since RAD Studio XE8. Support for Android is available since RAD Studio XE5. Support for Linux 64-bit is available since RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.

DAC products compatibility

All DAC products are compatible with each other.

But, to install several DAC products to the same IDE, it is necessary to make sure that all DAC products have the same common engine (BPL files) version. The latest versions of DAC products or versions with the same release date always have the same version of the common engine and can be installed to the same IDE.

Note that VirtualDAC Express Edition is not compatible with the following Data Access Components, as they already contain TVirtualTable and TVirtualDataSet components:

VirtualDAC Standard Edition is not compatible with Universal Data Access Components, as it already contains TVirtualTable, TVirtualDataSet and TVirtualQuery components.

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