TVirtualTable Class

A base class for storing data in memory.

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TVirtualTable = class(TMemDataSet);


TVirtualTable is inherited from the TMemDataSet component. TVirtualTable stores data in memory and does not have linked data files. To add fields to virtual table at design time use Fields Editor. Call the TVirtualTable.AddField method to add fields at run time.

Immediately after creating, virtual table will be empty. Then you define new fields or load existing table files so that the virtual table object becomes initialized and ready to be opened.

When you close virtual table it will discard its record set. To keep the data you entered at design-time for later use you may wish to include the voStored option in the TVirtualTable.Options property. At run time you will need to call the TVirtualTable.SaveToFile method explicitly to store modifications to the file that may be retrieved back into the virtual table by calling the TVirtualTable.LoadFromFile method later.

Note: TVirtualTable component is added to the Data Access page of the component palette, not to the VirtualDAC page.

TVirtualTable supports auto-incrementing fields using a special TVirtualAutoIncField field class.

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