5 Best practices for writing clear and efficient SQL Code

This white paper covers the specific issues related to the following most common SQL statements:

  • SQL REPLACE – the section explores such issues as replacing text for all entries, removing texts, collation effects on query results, nesting, and storing replaced texts.
  • SQL UPDATE with JOIN – the section reviews helpful tips that deal with previewing records before updating, using temp tables, storing previous values, and handling errors and transactions.
  • SQL INSERT INTO SELECT – the section explains practical recommendations on handling duplicates.
  • SQL DELETE Statement – the section provides the most common MySQL syntax examples for the DELETE statement that T-SQL developers may use.
  • SQL Index Examples – the section covers multiple index examples with precise codes that speed up SQL queries.

The current white paper explores scenarios that often cause difficulties for the coders. The practical solutions for each scenario include clear explanations with code examples that users may apply in their workflow.

The readers will get comprehensive information about the tricky use cases for the most popular SQL statements.

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