dbForge Studio 2021 for Oracle History

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4.3.97 16-Aug-21

User-reported and internal bug fixes

4.3.93 16-Jul-21

New features and improvements

User-reported and internal bug fixes

4.3.34 26-Jan-21

New features and improvements

User-reported and internal bug fixes

4.2.34 29-Sep-20

User-reported and internal bug fixes

4.2.20 02-Jul-20

New features and improvements

User-reported bugs fixed

4.1.94 23-Dec-19

User-reported bugs fixed

4.1.48 08-May-19

User-reported bugs fixed

4.1.43 16-Apr-19

New features and improvements

User-reported bugs fixed

4.0.304 29-Dec-18

User-reported bugs fixed

4.0.281 14-Nov-18

User-reported bugs fixed

4.0.275 30-Oct-18

User-reported bugs fixed

4.0.237 20-Sep-18

Enterprise Edition


SQL Document

Data Viewer

Data Export/Import

Schema Comparison

Schema comparison options

Schema synchronization options

Support for new objects and properties

Data Comparison

Data comparison options

Data synchronization options

Other Improvements

User-reported bugs fixed

3.10.12 24-Apr-17

3.10.10 05-Apr-17

3.9.22 21-Oct-16

New features and improvements

User-reported bugs fixed

3.8.50 11-Feb-16

3.8.40 04-Feb-16

New features and improvements

User-reported bugs are fixed

3.7.472 03-Feb-15

3.7.468 27-Jan-15

SQL Editing and Execution

Data Comparison and Sync

Data Export and Import

Data Report

Database Explorer

Data Editor

Other Features and Improvements

3.6.389 17-Jul-14

Database Connectivity

Database Explorer

Schema Compare and Synchronization

Data Compare and Synchronization

Data Editor and Viewer

Object Editors

Code Debugger

Aliases refactoring is possible now

User Interface

3.5.313 19-Feb-14

New code formatter features

Refresh suggestions cache

Minor improvements

User-reported bug fixes

3.5.272 04-Dec-13

3.5.185 09-Oct-13

Oracle 12c is supported

Improved database object editors

Optimized application performance for working with Oracle servers

New code formatter

Extended code completion capabilities

Minor features

3.1.283 14-Aug-13

3.1.275 1-Jul-13

3.1.270 18-Jun-13

3.1.260 10-Apr-13

3.1.251 11-Jan-13

3.1.243 19-Nov-12

3.1.219 25-Jul-12

3.1.206 20-June-12

3.1.198 14-May-12

3.1.196 23-Apr-12

New Features

User-reported bug fixes

3.1.190 23-Mar-12

3.1.172 20-Dec-11

3.1.170 12-Dec-11

3.1.165 06-Dec-11

New Features

User-reported bug fixes

3.0.106 14-Oct-11

3.0.105 20-Sep-11

3.0.103 08-Sep-11

3.0.96 01-Sep-11

3.0.87 23-Aug-11

3.0.82 15-Aug-11

The new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle (formerly known as OraDeveloper Studio) has a different name, looks differently, and includes a whole pack of new features and extended old ones.

Product Editions

To make our product affordable for all categories of users, we divided dbForge Studio for Oracle, v3.0 into Express, Standard, and Professional editions:

Major New Features

Minor New Features


2.55.167 02-Mar-10

2.55.159 26-Oct-09

2.55.154 13-Aug-09

2.55.152 10-Aug-09

2.55.149 02-Jun-09

2.55.148 20-May-09

2.55.144 11-Feb-09

2.55.141 13-Jan-09

2.55.135 10-Nov-08

2.55.123 15-Jul-08

2.55.121 25-Mar-08

2.55.120 9-Jan-08

2.55.119 21-Dec-07

2.55.117 26-Nov-07

2.50.113 23-Oct-07

2.50.112 02-Oct-07

2.50.109 20-Sep-07

2.50.101 30-Aug-07

2.00.50 13-Jul-07

2.00.49 04-May-07

2.00.48 11-Apr-07

2.00.47 22-Mar-07

2.00.45 27-Dec-06

2.00.44 18-Dec-06

1.51.30 29-May-06

1.51.27 21-Apr-06

1.50.21 01-Feb-06

1.50.20 27-Jan-06

1.50.19 24-Jan-06

1.0.3 16-Sep-05

1.0.2 25-Jul-05

1.0.1 06-Jun-05

1.0.0 31-May-05

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