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Purchasing benefits

Perpetual license (Full license)

With the initial purchase of a software product, you receive a perpetual license and a selected period of support and free product upgrades, which can be extended at any given moment.

Under the perpetual license, the software product remains active with all of its functionality available for an unlimited period of time.

Subscription-based license

The subscription-based license allows you to use the product during the subscription period. Once that period is over, the software becomes inaccessible.

After that, you can either renew the subscription for a new period or stop using the product.

Secure and risk-free purchase

Your purchase is risk-free as it includes a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund your purchase within 30 days (if you have opted for an annual subscription and/or perpetual license) or within 7 days (if you have opted for a monthly subscription).