Free Support

For customers who use free versions of our products or have expired subscriptions, we provide free technical support via email. We will do our best to handle requests quickly, so you can get your job done, however, support is prioritized in favor of people with active product maintenance plan (active subscription) or those who have purchased Priority support.

Available resources:

  • 24x7 access to our Documentation page, Online Forums, Videos and Knowledge base;
  • Access to product downloads, versions which were released during active subscription time, available in your personal Devart;
  • Basic how-to troubleshooting.

Before you contact technical support, we strongly advise to look through our Documentation page. There is a high chance that by looking through its entries you can get an instant reply to your request because the reply speed to your requests may be increased due to high demand of users with paid subscriptions.

Standard Support

Clients with active product subscriptions or those who are using trial versions of our products are entitled to our Standard Support option, which gives more advantages and guarantees faster reply time, over users with the Free Support plan.

Available resources:

  • Everything included in the Free Plan;
  • Unlimited access to product versions downloads, including all upcoming releases during active subscription time, from your personal Devart account;
  • Unlimited email support covering all of these same issues: licensing, installation, debugging, protocol issues, programming issues, environmental issues, and general use of the product;
  • Defined Standard SLA for all email responses.

Priority Support

Clients who have purchased Priority Support, our
highest-level offering designed for companies that require a close and day-to-day interaction with our support, are getting a more proactive technical support approach along with additional benefits available only for them.

Available resources:

  • Everything included in the Standard Plan;
  • Fastest response time;
  • L3 Support escalations;
  • Access to custom builds before official releases;
  • Separate feedback platform for new features/functionality requests.

Priority Support contracts are valid for one calendar year from the purchased date for a single license/company.

Support is provided in English language and if possible is accommodated to local languages.