Ordering FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering


What payment methods are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club credit cards, as well as Maestro debit cards issued in the UK. Direct debit payment method is available in Germany. Wire Transfer payments are accepted only within the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and USA. Also, we accept PayPal and Check.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. There are no shipping costs, since our products are delivered electronically.


Can I place a purchase order?

Sure. Corporate clients are allowed to order a product using a purchase order. Unfortunately, our payment provider Avangate does not accept purchase orders from private customers.
Your official order should include a company letterhead with the following information, validated by an authorized signature or company stamp:

  • The product name and the specific product ID, if known
  • The number of items desired
  • The name the product license will be issued to
  • Your billing address and your delivery address, if different
  • Name, phone and fax number of the contact person for your order
  • The e-mail address to which the order confirmation and invoice should be sent, and your e-mail delivery address, if different
  • The requested billing currency

Send your purchase order to sales@devart.com for further assistance.

How can I get a quote?

Feel free to request a written quote from our payment provider.

I need the invoice for my order. How can I get one?

An invoice for an order is issued only after receipt of payment. For orders paid by a credit card, our payment provider Avangate will issue an invoice immediately.

For orders paid via wire transfer or cheque, you will first receive an order confirmation. The invoice will be issued after receipt of payment. In any case, Avangate will automatically email your invoice or order confirmation to your billing address. The documents are sent as e-mail attachments in portable document format(.pdf).

In addition, you can view and print your ordering documents at any time after completing your order. Just log on to the secure "My Account" area of your Avangate account. You will find an overview of your orders and all accompanying documents there.

What is a VAT ID and do I need one?

VAT ID is relevant for corporate customers within the EU only. Please note, that the VAT ID consists of two letters identifying the country and the country-specific number of digits. Enter your VAT ID in accordance with your country-specific format. Individuals should leave this field blank.

How can I refund VAT?

You can refund VAT via your Avangate account:

  • Log in into your Avangate account
  • Find the appropriate order and press “Refund Belated VAT” (enter your VAT ID)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you experience any technical issues or product-breaking bugs that prevent you from using the product, contact our Customer Support. They will do their best to assist you. However, if, at the end of their attempts to solve the issue, your product is still not working, you may qualify for a full refund within 30 days since the purchase date.


Why do I need to renew my subscription?

Devart's exclusive subscription is the quickest and efficient way to deliver product upgrades and technical support to our customers.


  • Free access to any product upgrades and releases
  • Personal support - timely help, bug fixes, access to resources


Do you provide any discounts?

Everyone is welcome to take part in our Devart High Five program. The program allows to receive a substantial product discount just by sharing news about the product in social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

Do you offer competitive upgrades?

Yes, we do offer competitive upgrades, with the proof of purchase of competing product (invoice, order confirmation etc). Please contact sales@devart.com for more details.

Note: other Devart products can not be considered the competitive products. To be eligible for the program, you should have a product developed by a company different from Devart.

Do you offer any discounts for purchases of multiple licenses of software?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for some products. Please contact sales@devart.com for more information.

I want to buy several Devart products. Are there any discounts available?

Sure. Devart offers several discounted bundles. Please see the purchase pages of the bundled products for more information.


I have placed an order. How long does it take to get my product?

Within the next 48 hours after placing an order, you will receive the registration e-mail, containing license number and further instructions.

How can I download a purchased product?

Within 48 hours after receipt of payment, you will receive the registration e-mail with further information for a product download.

License and Subscription Duration

Is there an expiration of a license or is it permanent?

Devart products are sold on the subscription basis, i.e. during a year after a purchase, you can download new versions released within this period. But the license itself is permanent in the sense, that a particular version can be used without any time limitations.

How can I be notified of product upgrades and new releases?

The software will automatically notify you when a new version is available. In addition, you can subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

My Subscription has expired, can I renew it right away?

Sure. You can purchase a subscription for your license right after the subscription expiration date.

How can I activate a product? Where should I put a license key?

Most of our products do not require license activation. You will simply need to download a product from the Registered User's Area and install it.

Can a license be transferred to another person or company?

The license ownership can be transferred to another person or company, but, according to our License Agreement, Item 4 "You may not transfer the Software to any individual or entity without express written permission from Devart". Thus, you will need to contact us first and inform about your intention to transfer the license. Also you will need to specify contact data of a new owner of the license, so we can update the records on our end to avoid any confusions.

What is the difference between Subscription Renewals and Edition Upgrades?

Subscription renewals are meant for customers who wish to renew their existing licenses and receive further updates within one year.

Edition upgrades are meant for customers who wish to switch from one product edition to another one within the existing license, e.g. from Standard to Professional, or from Professional to Professional with source code. Edition upgrades do not extend subscription duration.

Licensing Questions on Software Components, Data Providers, Drivers

What is the difference between a Single developer license, a Team license and a Site license?

  • A Single developer license allows ONE developer to use the product, to obtain free updates and support.
  • A Team license allows TWO or up to FOUR developers within a single company at one physical address to use the product, obtain free updates and support.
  • A Site License allows an UNLIMITED number of developers within a single company at one physical address to use the product, obtain free updates and support.

Can the product be installed on more than one machine?

You may install, activate and use ONE (1) copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on ONE (1) computer provided it is used by ONE (1) person. You may install, activate and use an additional copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a second portable device, laptop or home COMPUTER for the exclusive use of the same person only.

Is it possible to upgrade from a Single license to a Team or a Site license, or from a Team license to a Site license?

Yes, if you have an active subscription, you can pay the price difference between licenses. Please contact us at sales@devart.com for more information.

Do the end-users of my own product that uses the Devart assemblies need a license?

No, end-users of your application do not require any license.

Do we need a separate license to deploy our application to customer's site?

If you have the Devart license, you do not need to pay any additional fee for deploying or distributing your software to end users.

Do you offer site/company-wide licenses?

Yes, for some products we offer site licenses. Please refer to a particular product ordering page to check if a site license is available.

Licensing Questions on dbForge Tools

What types of licenses are available?

dbForge tools are licensed for use by a single user only. A separate license should be purchased for each developer.