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"...Our software is more reliable because we could better anticipate possible bugs by inserting a large volume of data..."
dbForge Data Generator for MySQL
I Computer Solutions
"...when it came to daily performance, the staff became 20% more efficient and 25% more productive..."
dbForge Studio for SQL Server
Speech Technology Center
"...turned out to be the most efficient and cost-effective toolbox..."
dbForge Studio for SQL Server
Elements Financial
"...this add-in has greatly improved our day to day code writing abilities..."
dbForge SQL Complete
"...this solution helped us to optimize database development..."
dbForge Studio for MySQL
Nordhausen University
"...we found out that it is a perfect tool for us due to its simplicity, usability, cost-effectiveness..."
dbForge Studio for Oracle
Cashpoint Solutions
"...reduced manual work, consistency and integrity of data and schemas, saved time..."
dbForge Studio for MySQL
"...a powerful tool for developing a help system with auto format support..."
dbForge Studio for SQL Server
Broughton Software
"...SQL Complete is like SSMS IntelliSense on steroids, plus so many other features..."
dbForge SQL Complete
"...Devart stood out as well known and well regarded, making it an easy choice for us..."
ODBC Driver

What customers are saying

"Overall the best database development tool ever and I've tried several over last several years. Would have bought MS SQL version if I could to replace enterprise management studio."
Maciej Zagozda, Head of Architecture, Taskscape Ltd.
"SQL Tools provides many useful tools. Among others, I love Data Generator features. I can easily generate any required data for my performance and load tests in several minutes. It is a "must have" tool for any data project."
Sergiy Lunyakin, Big Data Architect at SoftServe, Inc.
"I love this product! It enables me to administer, manage, code, debug and inspect all of myproduction / development MySQL servers. Way to go :)"
ROTEM FOGEL, Сhief software architect, Upstream security