How Tridax Software got 80% more productive with dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

Tridax Software

About the customer

Tridax Software is a Netherlands-headquartered company that focuses on building professional software solutions for small and medium-sized companies. As an IBM Business Partner, the company also assists with the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of Lotus Notes and Domino solutions.
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The Netherlands

Challenges faced

This company, continuously busy with building customized software solutions for business, was in search of a universal database tool for MySQL that would help them build complex queries just as easily as they handled simpler ones.

The query building speed had to catch up with other processes
The appropriate solution had to be found as soon as possible
The solution had to effectively build queries of increased complexity

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL stood out as the best solution, whose multiple features — from visual query building and optimization to flexible work with SQL and data editing — was in perfect balance with the affordable price. Query Builder seemed to be exactly the product they were looking for. The next question was how well it would live up to their expectations.

"dbForge Query Builder is lightweight, affordable software, which enables fast query building. We got about 80% more productive with its help."
André de Boer
Software Engineer at Tridax Software

Results achieved

daily productivity

Now Query Builder is an indispensable tool in the daily workflow of the company. It was hard to single out the most important features, so the selection was narrowed down to the essentials.

Key features André is excited about

Visual Query Building

The visual query builder is based on handy diagrams with zooming and keyboard support for maximum convenience. The primary features include visual building and editing of queries and sub-queries, query outline, MySQL JOINs generator, diagram preview and printing. Additionally, the user can apply the visual expression builder for complex conditions.

Flexible Data Export

Query Builder exports data in 14 most popular formats, allows saving templates for recurring export operations, and is capable of exporting data from multiple tables at once.

Query Profiler

Query Profiler is a highly informative optimization tool that helps compare query profiling results visually. The query plan is displayed in a convenient tree view. The profiling history can be saved for subsequent data analysis. The detailed info shows the most frequently used command types.

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

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