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KS EDV CONSULTING is a service provider in the areas of EDP/IT and telecommunications that offer not only the standard solutions of leading manufacturers but also a complex of individual solutions for IT and telecommunications needs.

KS EDV CONSULTING DBAs were looking for a solution that allows working with the command line in a more comfortable way. They also searched for a powerful editor for stored procedures to optimize their databases development.

“We were looking for a more efficient toolbox for MySQL on the software market. dbForge Studio for MySQL turned out to be the most powerful and effective means to achieve our goals. This solution helped us to optimize database development greatly.“
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Alf Krause, CEO
Working with the command line is too cumbersome and has no comfort
The tool significantly helped to speed up the process of interaction with MySQL environment and execute scripts through the command line.

Search for an editor for stored procedures
Using dbForge Studio for MySQL made it possible to more effectively write large code snippets and significantly speeds up the development process.

Optimize and speed-up the database administration process
The tool boosted the speed and productivity of our DevOps department approximately by 300%.

Key Features KS EDV CONSULTING is excited about

Query Builder

Query Builder allows building any kinds of necessary statements without typing large amounts of code a lot easier and faster.

Query Profiler

The tool helped to tune up the query perfomance greatly. It's intuitive interface greatly simplifies the development process.

Database Designer

The toolbox made our database modeling process a lot more easy and fast. The nubmer of developed DBs increases by 50%.

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