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A group of research and production enterprises that have a wealth of experience in creating special-purpose software-hardware complexes and integrated systems. The company has been involved in various research and development programs for over 15 years.

Developers at MCS GROUP were looking for a set of tools to get the ability to work within the Visual Studio and SSMS environments, which would have powerful functionality, as well as support for easy code navigation and auto-formatting.

"The DBA department was looking for a toolbox for quick and easy synchronization of various databases, both schemas and data. Moreover, it had to be a powerful tool for developing a help system with auto format support. dbForge Studio for SQL Server fully met our needs."
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Evgeniy Gribkov, DB Analyst, Developer and Administrator
A quick and convenient tool to synchronize different databases, both schemas and data was needed
The toolbox accelerated the process of integration of new functionality and updating the current databases by 4 times

A convenient and fast tool for developing a help system was required
The use of dbForge Studio for SQL Server speeded up the database auto-documentation process by more than 4 times

Searching for a powerful tool for developing in both Visual Studio and SSMS (in particular, an easy code navigation and auto-formatting were required)
dbForge Studio for SQL Server accelerated the process of monitoring and analyzing systems for testing loads by 40% and speeded up the process of autotesting by 2 times

Key Features MCS GROUP is excited about

Schema and Data Comparison

The feature provides powerful comparison options for database viewing and editing. It significantly accelerates the synchronization of differing database versions.

Database Docs Generation

The toolbox allows generating database documentation quickly and easily. The powerful set of features greatly increases the process of creating and integrating DB documentation.

Index Analysis

The IDE provides an effective set of tools for analyzing and optimizing indexes. It increased the productivity of the whole DBA department.

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