How Garpenholm Produktion improved R&D operations with dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

Garpenholm Produktion

About the customer

Garpenholm Produktion is a Sweden-based company that provides IT and media production services in a variety of areas, including Networks, Servers, Cyber Security, Applications, and System Development.

Challenges faced

The company's primary operations at the time included the development of infrastructure monitoring and documentation systems, media forensics and IT security. Over time they had to start building more complex SQL queries due to tighter integration of their products with 3rd-party solutions. When more advanced queries came into play, the team encountered a number of challenges:

Lack of proper tools for building complex nested queries with numerous table joins
Inconvenient UI and insufficient responsiveness of the tools used previously
The need to achieve seamless integration with the clients' product ecosystems

The team tried a few MySQL tools that, despite being good, did not simplify the building process. The routine of building complex queries still was time-consuming and did not allow the developers to speed up and catch up with the required performance. In a while, the company's CTO, Fredrik Garpenholm, found a solution that offered easy visual building of queries, regardless of their complexity. It was dbForge Query Builder for MySQL.

"dbForge Query Builder enhances our R&D and software development processes. It gives our clients an even better platform with better integration to their environment."
Fredrik Garpenholm
Fredrik Garpenholm
CTO at Garpenholm Produktion

Results achieved

query building productivity

As Fredrik noted, the tool provided the functionality required to double the daily productivity. That said, we'd like to quote him a few more times and highlight the features that he found the most vital.

Key features Fredrik is excited about

Drag-and-Drop GUI Query Building

"With Query Builder, we got a simple GUI to build complex MySQL queries with the drag-and-drop feature. Now that we've been using it for some time, I estimate a 100% increase of query building productivity."

Conversion of Visually Built Queries into SQL Text

"Regular operations became very easy. I build the query in the GUI and copy the text-formatted output to our source code. Query Builder gives a better overview and gives no typos."

Hierarchy (Inner/Outer Joins)

"What I like about Query Builder is that the team that develops it goes beyond the basic functionality and delivers some extra value in every detail. For example, I can easily create 5 types of joins between tables and set complex conditions for any of them."

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

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